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GENERAL shooting range regulations as of May 1st, 2021


1. Every shooter recognizes when entering the

The shooting range SHOOTINGSTORE HANDELS GMBH these shooting regulations and undertakes to adhere to and follow the rules listed below and the Covid 19 protective measures applicable at the time of use.

Use of the shooting range is at your own risk.

2. The entire shooting range is equipped with video surveillance. This is used to secure evidence in the event of a claim.

3. The instructions of the supervisory staff must be followed. The supervisory staff can expel people from the shooting range; even without giving reasons.

4. Before each shooting, each shooter has to enter himself in a STANDBOOK and pay the stand fee.

5. People without a WBK or WP may only participate in shooting operations under the supervision of an authorized person. The supervisor has to fill out a stand supervisor declaration. Entry is forbidden to persons with an official gun ban.

6. People who disrupt or attempt to disrupt the smooth running of shooting through improper behavior will be expelled from the stand. The stand fee is forfeited.

7. Shooters who carelessly endanger themselves or other people are to be excluded from participating in the shooting range and removed from the stand. The stand fee is forfeited.

8. People who are apparently influenced or impaired by alcohol, narcotic drugs, medication or other substances that alter your mind will not be allowed to shoot.

9. There is an absolute ALCOHOL and NO SMOKING at the entire shooting range! Smoking is only permitted outside.

10. Only pistol caliber weapons are permitted at the handgun shooting range (max. Caliber 50AE / 500 S&W), no RIFLE CALIBER AND WADCUTTER CHARGES!

Shotguns are excluded. However, only shot cartridges with a maximum of 32 grams and 3.0 mm shot size may be used. (NO SLUG AND POST SCRAP)

Shots may only be used to shoot the main bullet trap (NOT THE MOBILE BULLET TRAPS AND STEEL TARGETS)

For damage to the bullet traps and steel targets due to disregard of the caliber restriction, the damage incurred will be invoiced to the person who caused it, with a fee of at least 500.00 being levied.

11. Only rifles are allowed at the long gun stand (NO SCRAP SHOT, NO SHORT ARMS)

Entering the shooting channel is strictly forbidden! ( RISK OF DEATH!!! )

Free standing shooting is prohibited.

12. The use of hard core, incendiary, explosive or tracer ammunition is strictly FORBIDDEN!

13. Only weapons and ammunition may be used at the shooting range that comply with the currently valid weapons law and for which the shooter has the appropriate authorization. The shooting range operator reserves the right at any time to check the weapons law documents of the users and the weapons used.


Only targets intended for shooting sports may be used. (NO CANS, BRICKS or OTHER ITEMS)

Failure to comply will result in the shooter being expelled from the shooting range. The stand fee is forfeited.


1. Safety at the shooting range must always be guaranteed.

2. Every shooter has to ensure that the safety at the shooting range is guaranteed for all persons and the entire infrastructure.

3. The required care when handling firearms must be observed without exception.

4. When shooting, everyone present must wear adequate hearing protection and appropriate protective goggles.

5. In the event of breaches of security, security must be restored by the supervisory staff and the necessary measures implemented.

6. In the interests of safety, the supervisory staff can stop shooting immediately and prohibit people from taking part in shooting. The stand fee is forfeited.


1. In principle, every shooter is responsible for the shots they fire and is liable for all damage incurred, both under civil and criminal law!

2. The shooting range may only be entered with the weapon unloaded and the breech open.

The weapon may only be loaded at the shooting range, with the muzzle pointing towards the target (bullet trap).

Passing on a loaded weapon to another person is prohibited.

3. Firing is only allowed if there are clearly no people in the danger area in front of the shooter in the direction of fire.

Basically, every weapon must always be aligned so that its barrel points towards the main bullet trap.

4. Weapons may only be put down when they are unloaded. When the weapon is put down, the bolt must always be open or the drum must be folded out,

the barrel point in the direction of the bullet trap and the ejection opening be visible. Loaded weapons may neither be put down nor put down.

Stored weapons may only be touched by strangers with the permission of the owner.

5. The weapon is always and without exception holstered with dynamic shooting discs. The shooter who is on the stage must be aware of the

When handling weapons, follow the stage procedure accordingly.

6. During competitions all shooters have to obey the instructions of the referees or the "range officer" and the security staff.

7. Loading and unloading is only permitted at the shooting range with the muzzle pointing in the direction of the bullet trap.

Basically, the muzzle must be directed in such a way that nobody can be endangered or injured by an unintentionally released shot.

8. With each firing process, the weapon must always be held in the direction of the respective bullet trap so that an unintentionally released shot does not go over the

Can fly out of the danger area (walls, ceiling, various installations, etc.).

9. By law, steel targets may not be fired at from a distance of 10 meters. (├ľNORM)

10. When aiming, the weapon must always point in the direction of the target or the bullet trap.

11. Handling of weapons in the occupied area and outside the shooting range is prohibited.

13. If there are shooters in front of the line of fire, for example to record hits, attach targets, etc., handling of weapons is prohibited without exception.

This means that the weapons are either stored on the stand in accordance with Point 4 or holstered.

13. In the event of jamming or other malfunctions that cannot be remedied by the shooter himself, the shooting range operator or a competent person must be informed.

In this case, the weapon points with the muzzle in the direction of the bullet trap.

The danger area may only be re-entered after the weapon malfunction has been rectified.

14. The shooting range must be kept clean. Garbage must be disposed of in the designated containers by the people who caused it after the shooting has ended. The ground must be cleaned by the shooter after the shooting has ended.

If the shooting range is not left properly, a cleaning fee of 50.00 will be charged by the person responsible.

15. Targets must always be removed after shooting and disposed of in the designated container.

16. The mobile bullet traps and steel targets are to be set down by the shooter on the left side of the shooting range after the shooting has ended.

17. Damage of any kind must be reported to the shooting range operator immediately.

All damage to the shooting range caused by the user will be billed to him.

18. The light is to be switched off when leaving the gun range.