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Where it is more profitable to take money from the Payoneer card. Payoneer. Local bank conclusion. Receive and activate a card by email

Where and how to get money from the Payoneer card in Russia in dollars and rubles? In which ATMs is it more profitable to remove dollars and rubles from the card in Russia? What are the commissions and conversion rate when withdrawing funds in ATMs and the bank office?

I clarify that this article is written for the residents of Russia, and if you suddenly stumbled upon it by chance and are a resident of another country - read our other articles:

If you do not yet have an account in the PayOneer system, we will remind you that you can log into our system. The registration process according to our link must be held. continuously from start to finish. If for some reason you broke your registration, start exactly with our link from the beginning.

So let's turn to the discussion of the cash statement with Payoneer in Russia.

How and where and where to remove dollars from Payoneer card in Russia at the bank office.

As it is already clear from the contents - to bring dollars with Payoneer in Russia either in the bank of banking or in ATMs.

The advantage of withdrawing at the bank office is that here a one-time distance limit is much higher than with most ATMs and is almost always in stock. Since the limit of the PayOder itself is 7500 US dollars in 24 hours - in most banks in banks you can remove the entire amount.

The downside is that removing you will definitely require passport details which will later be put into the database later, and in theory you will create financial control questions in the future if you withdraw regularly and regularly. Also the downside is additional commission that the bank takes to remove someone else's card. Further funds, in addition to 1.8% that you pay for the end in dollars, you still pay from 1.5% to 4% of the bank itself. Sometimes a lot turns out and the commission will grow 1.5-2 times compared to what you would pay several times in ATM. Below we provide information on commissions and limits to remove dollars at checkout.

Up October 2018: Rents of dollars also became possible to account for the account in the bank. To do this, it must either be specified when registering or in the menu item Exit: on a bank account. Read more in our article:

Removal process at checkout as follows:

  • Come to the bank office with a Payoneer card and passport - it will certainly need it as the cashier will help rewrite your passport details to put them in the database
  • If there is an opportunity to redeem dollars with a foreign Mastercard, ask the cashier to clarify what the removal commission is.

The table below provides information about bank limits and commissions when you remove the dollar at checkout. Despite the fact that we are trying to update the information - it may not always be relevant. Make sure that you provide this information from the cashier.

BankTransaction limit.Extra. Bank commission
Rosselkhozbank.2500$ 2%
Bank Avangard.2500$ 2%
Binbank3000$ 2%
Raiffeisenbank.3000$ 3%
UniCredit.5000$ 2%

In Roselkhozbank everything is pretty stable, they don't take extra commission, in Binbank with this worst, in one branch the cashier says there is no commission, he speaks about 2% in another. If you have the latest information, help others - write in the comments, we'll update the article.

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In the ATM you can withdraw dollars from the PayOr card in Russia.

As opposed to removal at the checkout, there is always a fixed commission for removal in dollars here - 1.8% + 3.15$ But smaller limits for a transaction.

Below is a list of ATMs where you can withdraw dollars in Russia. Check criteria: a limit for a transaction, the number of currency machines and the presence of currency, as well as notes and our subjective rating for all.


Update from September 2018:At this moment there are interruptions with the payment of currency on the Payoneer cards of this cash flow. Gives a message to deny card maintenance, the money does not spend.

A transaction limit: 400$.

Note:Currency machines are assigned on the website, the number of approaches is unlimited, the amount of $ 50 is multiple.

Our rating:3/5.


Update from September 2018: At the moment the bank is stable in terms of issuing dollars from Payoneer cards. For a $ 300 E transaction you pay $ 308.55, it's $ 300 + 1.8% + $ 3.15. You can record an unlimited number of times.

A transaction limit: 300$.

Number of ATMs and currency availability: ATMs a lot, the stable presence of currency.

Note: On the website forex ATMs are highlighted, problems with multiple $ 100, an unlimited number of approaches.

Our rating: 4/5.


Update from September 2018: Currently, Citibank has increased from $ 400 to $ 500 per transaction, but it is possible to make only two transactions per day, i.e. $ 1000. Citibank's additional internal commission for a $ 5 transaction is added. Sum for the removal of $ 500 at the moment you tip $ 517.15 \ u003d $ 500 + 1.8% + $ 315 + $ 5. In our opinion it is less profitable than removing in the Raiffeisenbank. There you can create 4 transactions of $ 300 instead of two $ 500 for this commission.

A transaction limit: 500$.

Number of ATMs and currency availability: ATMs are less than the previous, stable presence of currency.

Note: On the website currency machines are not highlighted, only to look like the Tyk method, only the bank has a small representation (there are only 10 cities).

Our rating: 4/5.


A transaction limit: 2000$.

Update from September 2018: At the moment there are few currencies in ATMs, it is difficult to find an ATM where dollars will be available. At the same time, ATMs are only in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In other cities you will find them problematic or they are simply absent.

Number of ATMs and currency availability: ATMs are only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, very often there is no currency. In other cities you will find a currency moment problematic with the presence of currency.

Note: Currency machines aren't highlighted on the website, but you can find them through the Alphabank website.

Our rating: 3/5.

Russian standard bank.

A transaction limit: 300$.

Number of ATMs and currency availability: There are few currency ATMs, there is no currency in some cities, there is often no currency.

Note: Currency machines are assigned on the site that mediates a multiple of $ 100.

Our rating: 2/5.

Credit Europe Bank.

A transaction limit: 300$.

Number of ATMs and currency availability: There are few ATMs, the currency is often no.

Note: After a periodic issue of an error, it spends money after 1-2 approaches can stop allocating money, bills of $ 100 on the currency machines.

Our rating: 2/5.

Alfa Bank.

A transaction limit: 100$.

Number of ATMs and currency availability: ATMs a lot, the stable presence of currency.

Note: Currency machines are assigned on the website because the lower limit transaction is unprofitable on the transaction.

Our rating: 1/5.

The situation is constantly changing. So, also recently, Alfabank issued $ 1000 for the transaction and was most convenient, now the limit is being changed to $ 100. If you have more relevant information than what is set out in the article, write it in the comments.

Update from September 2018:As the ATMs cut the limits on transactions and ATMs, a steadily excellent currency is becoming less and less - we recommend turning 100 thousand on the removal method in rubles in VTB24. If you need dollars, you can remove this amount in VTB24 and immediately buy dollars in any exchanger. At the time of updating the article, the total loss is around 3.5 to 4%.

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How to remove rubles from Payoneer card in Russia. Limit values, conversion rate, commission.

Unless they categorically retire for you, it is dollars that can be removed in rubles on conversion from conversion. The conversion occurs at the MasterCard rate, although some banks allow you to choose your conversion rate.

While withdrawing funds in a currency other than the card's currency, you will pay the cross-border payment commission. It is up to 3.5% and charged instead of the 1.8% that are charged in the currency for removing the cards. For more information on this commission, see this answer to the PayOneer.

Immediately I would like to note that in the work of ATMs in the removal of rubles less stability than for the situation we described for removing dollars than for the situation we described for removing dollars. Users often complain that the ATMs of the same banks, then the card with the message "amount is too large", or "exceeded the limit", then usually give the removal of funds.

The following is a table listing banks and their limits per transaction if withdrawn from Payoneer card in rubles. However, use these numbers as approximate. They can differ in different ATMs (depending on the availability of bills of certain denominations), since the ATMs restrict the number of bills to recover.

BankTransaction limit.
Alfa Bank.10,000 rubles.
Raiffeisenbank.50,000 rubles.
Binbank50,000 rubles.
VTB 24.100,000 rubles.
Home loan bank.50,000 rubles.
Russian standard40,000 rubles.
Bank post50,000 rubles.
Promsvyazbank.40,000 rubles.

Up September 2017:To withdraw rubles from the account, as it became possible to have a ruble account tied to the account in the bank. To do this, it must either be specified on a bank account when registering or in the menu item Exit: Read more in our article:


In my opinion, withdrawing money from the Payoneer card is still more profitable in dollars. Aside from the fact that the Mastercard rate is usually worse than the country's local rate, so you also pay the commission for an express payment, which can be up to 3.5%. This is a pretty weighty loss. In addition, the distance limit in rubles from most banks is small. If you remove a large amount, you will take many approaches and pay PayOneder every time you pay $ 3.15 commission on a transaction.

Regarding the distance in dollars - it seems to us that the same of the same is more profitable to shoot into ATMs and not go to the bank office. Firstly, the bank does not take any additional commission with you, and secondly, you can avoid having to prepare your documents and rewrite information about you in the bank's database.

The PayOneer daily limit - $ 5000 for ATM removal and $ 7500 for bank removal (payment on the Internet). Accordingly, if there is an urgent need to remove a large amount, then it makes sense to shoot and shoot there.

Post comments when you can add actual information to an article. We also remind you that you can register in Payoneer from us. In this case, the registration process must be carried out according to our link. continuously from start to finish. If for whatever reason you broke the registry, start with exactly our link from the very first step.

The article talks about how to lock into local bank money from your PayOneer account. Detailed instructions on how to connect a bank account to the account.

The money from the PayOder account can be viewed in your account at a local bank (the option has recently become available for both Russia and Ukraine).

Notice! The country of the bank whose account you are withdrawing money from must comply with the country specified in the billing address of the PayOneer account.

You can change the country (in case you have moved) by switching with Payoneer support and confirming in any way in any way as your stay in another country (e.g. providing a copy of a copy of the utility bills paid) . The problem of changing the billing address is solved individually.

retreat Only b is possible local currency bank. (Even if you have a currency account). That is, if you go to the billing address that lives in Ukraine, then the money can only be removed in the hryvnia in Russia - in rubles.

The minimum amount for the conclusions is $ 200 wholesale Canada goose down Canada goose authentic hologram, one conclusion for one conclusion - 2% of the benefit amount, conversion - on the average market.

In Ukraine, money can only be started on the account in the private bank.

Registration of services.

We go to the display menu - to a bank account.

We get to the page and click the Add button.

Next, you need to provide your PayOneer card number and its CVV code (three numbers on the back of the card), the date of your birth and the password of the PayOneer account.

Confirm the correctness of the data with the tick and click on Next.

On the next page you need to enter information about your account in Privatbank.
We indicate the type of bank account - a person. Country and Currency - No options are given in accordance with the country in the billing address. Bank name: In Ukraine, private bank only, in Russia you can withdraw money to Alfabank, Sberbank and other banks.
In the name name counting, enter the name and surname of the account holder / card latinets just like on your card or in the bank discharge.
Notice! If you want to spend money in an account in the name that signed up in the name, the name of the PayOneer account is different, you will most likely ask for additional confirmation documents.
Enter the account number / local bank card.
The account of the account description field is required to fill, but not essential. You can write anything. Essentially for the convenience of keeping track of transactions.
We agree to the rules and conditions and click Submit.
After your warehouse is moderated, you will receive an email.

Despite the fact that PayOneer declares the possibility of issuance in a local bank account It is not quite like that. For example, the conclusion in the hryvnia is possible at the moment, it is only a client of private bank. Currency, only US dollars can be sent to the account of a Ukrainian bank.

How the scheme works is very simple: you create it on your personal account on PayOneer. Com and receive funds to the account individually In the private bank, which must first open. If the account has a payment card tied to it (and this is a common practice), the money received becomes instantly available.

  • Use a Payoneer account balance in any currency.
  • The private bank account should be opened on behalf of the PayOneer account owner.
  • You can send an amount of at least 50 and not more than 10 thousand dollars.
  • Registration takes 2-3 worker (bank) days.
  • The conclusion is only possible national currency - hryvnia. and U.S. dollar.
  • The exact exchange rate is not reported, only information is offered that it is "average", it is only possible to actually find it. Approximately, it corresponds to the price on for the day of operation. The MasterCard course is only involved in ATM removal.
  • The translation commission is 2% of the amount.
  • Consideration for the account occurs without commission.
  • For the removal of funds from the card or the report of the private bank, the commission can also be charged, it all depends on the type of card. For example, "Universal" sees a commission of 1%, "for payments" - no commission.
  • Judge by the reviews, in fact, taking into account the commission and the changeover, you will get a rate that will differ from the official course of the private bank approximately in hryvnia. For example, count 26.90 to 25.90 or so during the course.

Why do you need the fund withdrawal?

Every question that everyone answers. It all depends on your specific requirements. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantages

Residents of Ukraine PayOneer allows you to register the account without spending. MasterCard payment card. In this case the $ 29.95 annual service commission is not chargedand only standard rates for incoming amounts are applied (1%). The Payoneer card can be released later if necessary. Payoneer account applicant. funds You can bring the bank account.

Clear commission in the 2% From the amount in the performance of the fund is significantly lower than the standard rate of PayOneer for removing the ATM, viz $3.15 + 3.5% For conversion (this is the maximum, usually less). ATMs give most of them a maximum of 40 bills; H. Remove more than 20 thousand hryvnia for one operation not working - and even if bills of 500 hryvnia are available. Behind the subsequent transaction must also pay $ 3.15. Given the "buying question", the process of removing large amounts can turn into a lottery as it is not known how many bills and what is nominally loaded into an ATM. When withdrawing through an account in the private bank, everything will be much easier, especially if you have a card that the commission does not provide if you indicate yourself when removing - for example, ", for example" for payments "(In this case however, the bank will decide an additional commission of 0.5% for the balance of funds. Simply send the required amount to convert into the GRYVNIA to the account in the private bank - and have cash without additional nerves and overpayments. By the way, the maximum amount that can be withdrawn in ATM with a Payoneer card per day is capped by the equivalent of two thousand dollars. The maximum amount that can be spent is 10 thousand dollars a day.

Opportunity to get in the bank office monetary currency - dollars. You make up the performance from the dollar account balance in your currency account in the private bank or another bank. This is the only possible variant of receiving foreign currency, since its issuance is prohibited in Ukraine through ATMs, as well as at banking banks - to remove foreign currency directly from the Payoneer card does not work.

The main minus

Who, from which card, when and how much I turned in an ATM nowhere is not pinned. It is a completely different matter - received payments in relation to your account in Privatbank. Here they are already can be an object of close attention Control body. Given the recent nationalization of the bank, this problem has become even more relevant as it is not required for the data as they say, as they say, do not need to go far away. Questions are unlikely to arise if the accounts of 5-10 thousand hryvnia per month appear on the balance sheet. Although no one here will give guarantees. After all, while the funds are on the Payoneer balance, tax information is not available, but it is worth logging into your local account as the recipient is already worth it. All questions about the Payoneer service and taxation were looked at in detail in the respective article. In short, the question is this: to explain or not what has arrived at the expense of the private bank in order to solve you. Remember, however, that the sender is Payoneer and the stories of what it is "material help parents for treatment" are not passed on here. Waiting for invitations to the tax every time the mailbox is analyzed - the job is not pleasant. If you do not have the main place of work, it is quite possible to register the third group of SPD-FO and to take into account some amounts with PayOneer, thereby making and reporting tax inspection. TRUE, in addition to the quarterly fee in retirement funds, I have to pay 5% VAT. As a plus, you get official employment and become a "white man" who provides this information on any Visa questionnaire or other document.

This is how you bring money to the account in the private bank

Receive a card from a private bank

If you do not have a card private bank, you will need to visit the office, have a passport and ID card tax number. In the bank it is necessary to choose the optimal tariff plan, open it and get a card. Do not forget that the receiving card must be activated: it is enough to request a balance in ATM. The simplest option is the "universal" card in the hryvnia, which is issued immediately.

After the received card makes sense to register with Privat24 and to install the corresponding application on the smartphone.

Adding a bank account to Payoneer's account

Now we have to add information to the card or to a bank account in the PayOneer account is enough. On the site, press authorizes "conclusion on a bank account".

If you added bank details during registration, they will be displayed here, if not, then add a new time. You can add a maximum of two bank accounts to the account. Click on "Add New".

Requires intent to add a new bank account to the account by clicking "Add New Bank Account".

Now decide on the "personal" account or "corporate", i. H. Open legal person. If you have opened an account as a private entrepreneur, select the "Corporate" option.

Select the country of the country in this case Ukraine. In Payoneer you can withdraw funds to your own accounts around the world so that the list of countries is not offered by the formality.

After selecting the country, you will need to choose from the available currency in which the bank account is open. This is important, thereby avoiding choosing the currency - you risk the payment being returned.

We choose Ukrainian hryvnia "UAH" and press "NEXT".

Withdrawal from hryvnia is possible only at the expense of the private bank, see the identifier of this account (we have private UAH) and in enter sixteen digits from the face of the card in the quality of the account number.

Check-In "I confirm the bank account details given above."

On the next page you will be asked to go through a security check and enter your date of birth and a password for your PayOneer account.

You will then receive a notice that the bank account has been added and the check will take up to 3 days.

But in practice everything goes much faster. You will immediately receive a notification to add an account to your email.

The account indicates that the account will send "on deliberation" and funds to him until impossible.

However, after a few hours, you are literally waiting for a letter the account is approved.

Sometimes a letter along with the letter of the letter of approval may indicate that the account you added is not open on your behalf (although it is not) and additional verification is required. If this letter did not come to you, skip this article.

Do not be afraid, these are Caprises PayOneer, press the link in the letter and fill out the questionnaire. Enter the registration data on the PayOneer account. If the form opens in English, the filler language is also English.

The lower part of the form fills out almost as we are guided by the example. Just indicate that this is your bank account and hit "Submit".

You will receive a notice that the application is being considered. However, the withdrawal of the funds is already available.


After the account has been added to the account and approved, a request to withdraw funds will take literally minutes to complete.

Select "Conclusion on a bank account" in the personal account.

Select a balance from which you want a conclusion. Do not forget that the minimum amount to the conclusion is 50 dollars / euros.

Now select an invoice for which you would like to receive money, enter the payment ID and then click on "Check".

They immediately show the exchange rate, which is usually a little different from banking for the worse. And if everything fits, the appropriate tick is suitable and press the "output".

In this phase, the security system may be able to confirm the person again. This time you need to introduce answers to the secret questions you entered during registration.

After successfully passing the exam, you will receive a notification that the service has been successfully implemented and the funds will be in the account in three or five working days.

In practice, wait for a notification from Privatbank about the receipt of the money transfer during the next working day.

In our previous articles, we told the instructions in detail as well. If everything is easy for residents of Russia, because PayPay has officially been allowed to bring money into bank accounts since September 2013, then the situation in Ukraine is not so rainbow. Everyone who lives in Ukraine works in the English-speaking segment of the Internet and regularly receives difficult payments on PayPay. Almost all ways to spend money are related to mediation, in which a certain percentage is lost. If you withdraw money when withdrawing money through Payoneer, you also lose some amount on banking and conversion commission, but it is much better than a 20% broker or 11% exchange item.

We'd like to say right away that Payoneer is only for those who often display a lot through PayPal. In all other cases, when the amount is not large (up to $ 1000) and the expense is once in a few months, it is better to use other methods described in ours. Why so? Read to the end and find out.

PayOneer and PayPay: Detailed instructions on how to open a virtual account

In the article on the transfer of money from PayPay in Ukraine, we already talked about PayOneer in order to familiarize the reader with this opportunity. But today I want to share more details about how to open a virtual account. We are going to look at the actions algorithm, tell me how the conclusion by the PayOneer is the best way and also tell me briefly what a PayOneer is and there are also risks when you work with this system .

What is a Payoneer?

Payoneer is an American company that offers a virtual account in the US bank. In fact, you don't have a real account, you don't sign any documents, don't give out your originals and copies. All you have to do is register, order a card, and in time to receive it in the mail. We'll tell you more about the entire process. But the question can arise, and where is my money being stored if the account is virtual and not real? How does Payoneer provide security? What guarantees do you give? There is a lot incomprehensible, and to find the answers you need to read the company's official website, specialized blogs, user reviews of this system. We don't know all the intricacies of PayOneer, but we can say that with Paypal through their cards you can easily withdraw money.

Payoneer ensures that map-Mastercard is used in every ATM, you can withdraw your money without restrictions.

Overused users of this company's services can be found on the HABRAHABR website, where PayOrer maintains an official blog, and at the time of this writing, there were 207 reviews and comments.

First you have to register in the system. To do this, go to the company's official website and click the "Registration" button. It is noteworthy that the entire site is translated into Russian, since Payoneer focuses on the Russian market, and the market of the CIS countries.

There shouldn't be any problems registering as everything is intuitive. It is very important to provide real data and fill in all of them extremely carefully. When confirming your registration to the e-mail address, the letter in which all the data you have sent to the system will be displayed. To avoid critical errors during registration, we advise you to use Chrome browser and Mozilla.

ID confirmation

In order to enjoy a virtual bank account, you will need to confirm your identity, passport details and source of income. The verification system is a bit strange, but what is it? To do this, the letter has two links by clicking on it that will take you to the polls page.

On the first link you have to answer questions about your work. In the drop-down menu, select a deal of activities that characterizes as precisely as possible as precisely as possible, and then describe (in Russian) what you are doing. Follow the instructions and do whatever the system shows.

If you continue on the second link, you will be directed to the page where you need to confirm passport details and identity. Send a photocopy of a passport or driver's license. It is very important that the copy was colored, of good quality, clearly showing the name, surname, surname and date of birth.

Receive and activate a card by email

When registering, give your postal address, which should come for 3 weeks bank card Payoneer. There is also a letter with the card detailing the process of further activating the card.

The activation process is pretty straightforward. Payoneer offers two options: contact telephone operators or activate the card over the Internet. We're more suited to the second option as it's faster and much cheaper. Go to the Payoneer website, go under your name and password. Press "Activate the map" (yellow arrow in the screenshot shows where this button is located). Then enter the card number and invent the PIN code, which is used when removing money from an ATM.

A more detailed activation is told in this video.

connectionPayPal account K. bank account in the USA

We would like to immediately warn that all of the risks associated with the bank account in the United States are in the United States on your account that you are assuming. And these risks come with the fact that the account can block. Why? Yes, because because PayPal policies are built on the fact that residents of a particular country must tie up bank accounts that work in their state. Therefore, if you are not a citizen of the United States and you do not have a residence permit, you are violating Paypal rules. Of course, 99% of the time it goes unnoticed, but 1% exists and you need to know about risks.

If you don't have a PayPal account yet, we advise you to read our article "". Just consider the fact that you have to provide your real name and surname, but the address of the property has to be made up. Take a United States state, address, house, apartment. Just don't write the address of famous companies or government agencies. See where residential areas are and happen to take something.

Confirmation of a bank account

When you attach an account, you still need to confirm it. This is the standard Paypal process where you get 2 pays for several cents to take into account. After 2-3 days, check your account in PayOneer, and as soon as you see a transfer transaction, go to the Paypal account and indicate the transfer amounts.

After the bank account is confirmed, you can receive and send transfers with PayOneer. But the most important thing is that money can be removed in any ATM, anytime.

It's also worth noting that the card costs $ 30 a year to use. However, there are also various commissions to add and remove funds from the card, for transfers and other transactions. More information on this can be read on the official PayOneer website.

And already adding an article, we decided to get acquainted in more detail in the reviews of those who are no longer the first month, or even a year, used Payoneer. As it turned out, there are a lot of "sub-stones" in the system and hidden payments that no one is talking about.That is why at the beginning of the article wrote that this card is only for those who often view a lot from PayPal. The rest should look towards the automatic exchange services or look for intermediaries who will bring money and PayPal with a minimum commission.

Payoneer service: feedback from the user

Foreign reviews We will not publish. And so it is clear that the system has a number of advantages and advantages. You always need to read negative but truthful comments from users who are trying not to blacken the company but to show its real face. And there are some such reviews that we found on the forums.

Svfoster, Habrahabr site

The PayOneer is just incredible commissions for ... for everything. For each movement, for each siene (percentage or fixed rate) is removed. The absurdity even reaches the fact that the percentage for the rejection of the transaction is removed or when you collected the wrong amount in ATM and could not withdraw any money.

Okay then. Overhecked cards - $ 20, balance of money - the commission $ 2 (and 2-3 days to wait!), To remove money in dollars (PayPal) - the commission is ~ 3% and there is none Word Everywhere, And Now If You Need To Make A Paypal Refund Commission Removed Not Returning Refusal When Removing An ATM - $ 1 For An Incorrect Request, Removal Via An ATM Or An Operator In The Bank - $ 2.15 For The Request . Card content $ 3 per month! In total, to list the amounts ~ $ 1000 per month, the commission (year) will be 20 + 2 * 12 + 2.15 * 12 + 3 * 12 ~ $ 106 in the first year of service + 3% for the payment of purchases its being $ 360 a year! Do not forget that there will also be a commission for removing money, especially if it is in your country's currency.

Nikolai, webmaster forum

If you are using Payoneer and you have a controversial question or you want to contact the support service, then reserve Valerians and strong nerves. No support is responsible for a long time, nothing says nothing, the questions are not resolved. Okay, if a B is a single case, but so all the time.

I used a Payoneer for a while, I witnessed their robbery because there was no alternative but all is that there is a limit. Request a virtual account.

Use PayOneer or not - this is your solution. We have just provided detailed instructions on how to get money from PayPal through PayOneer and posted reviews of those who are already using their accounts and cards.

Details on the Payoneer payment system in Russia

PayOneer Review in Russia in 2020 - How to Use the Payment System. We concern topics: how to put money in the account in Russian bank? Is it possible to get a card from Pionir? What is the maintenance of the card and account: tariffs and commissions. Where is more profitable to remove the funds received? What are the limits when entering funds and conclusions? What is nice about the Painonir?

As a convenient Pionir payment system:

  • you can buy goods in any store with no commission and at a good price.
  • they don't pay any commission to transfer money between Painonir accounts.
  • View funds per dollar or ruble account.

PayOder Overview in Russia: Using

Freelancers and freelancers and large companies. Receive payments in more than 200 countries. The system works with popular exchanges: 99 Drafts, Buoyancy, Shutterstock, IStock, FIVERR, Airbnb ...

To start the account with the account you need to need.
* Immediately after registration, it is possible to receive payments from customers and withdraw funds from a professional exchange to your account.
** Residents of Russia can log into Rub and USD bank accounts.

Can I order a card from PayOneer?

Updated March 20: The order of the cards for Russians is not available. Those who have previously used the card can restart a new card.

Order debit card Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard can be in three currencies: dollars, euros and pounds sterling - after at least 30 US dollars / € / £ will appear in your account. You can remove cash from the card anywhere in the world where Mastercard ATMs are available.


  • with a dollar card PayOneer in Russia you canrent rubles in a ruble ATM, I. dollar to dollar.
  • if you remove the funds in India with the Paisonir's USD card - you get rupees.
  • In European countries with EUR cards, you can withdraw euros directly from an ATM.
  • In the UK from a pound card you can shoot pounds straight away.

Shipping cards

There are two ways to get a Pionir card: standard and accelerated. By default, the PionIR card is delivered to the standard highwayby the national contribution of Russia. Delivery time from 1 to 2 weeks. In some cases, the delivery was busy per month.

The DHL service provides accelerated delivery within 3-5 days. To order expedited delivery you must have a $ 40 account on a USD account / EUR - 35 euros / GBP - 30 pounds, depending on the currency of the card you are ordering. Then write a statement to the support service stating that you need an expedited courier delivery (under the data you want to provide in the circulation):

How to order a card: Overview PayOneer in Russia

How to replenish Payoneer in Russia

In order to refill the account yourself, this attempt will be blocked. This is how you can get money on Payoneer *:

  1. Withdraw money from a professional wallet.
  2. Send "Payment Request" to customers all over the world.
  3. Contact residents of China, Canada, Australia, the United States, Europe, and Japan for the details of the global payment service.
  4. Receive a payment from other Pyonir users.

* The money received on the Payoneer account is shown on the card at the same time. In addition, there is no need to translate funds.

Conclusion with PayOneer on a bank account in Russia

You can use the account without ordering the "Pioneer" card. So you save $ 30 on annual plastic maintenance. Let me remind you that you don't have to pay to maintain an account without a card.

  • In Russia, to transfer money from the Payoneer account to the bank account in rubles and dollars in any country.

What conditions:

  • commission 2% (a commission from intermediate banks is possible);
  • minimum limit 300 USD;
  • you can add to 3 bank accounts (which must be registered in your name).

Commissions and Payoneer tariffs in 2020

Account maintenance:

Card maintenance:

  • per year - $ 29.95.
  • rendering - $ 12.95.
  • failure to waive money / balance verification in ATM - $ 1 - $ 1.

Payment card in rubles and dollars — $0.

Withdrawal to the bank account — 2%.

Rescue Commission:

  • rubles in ATM - 3.5% + $ 3.15.
  • dollars in ATM - 1.8% + $ 3.15.

Receipt commission:

  • from user PayOneder - $ 0.
  • the details of the global payment service (EU countries, Australia, United Kingdom, China, Canada, Japan) - 0%, from the USA - 1%.
  • through the "payment request" - 3%.


You can withdraw dollars at the bank's office and through an ATM. In the first case, you can get large amount a day, the limit on spending more money. But there is one big minus - for this procedure you need to present a passport. When removing in ATMs, the limit will be less, and the commission will be more profitable.

  • Removal from the card at the bank office + online payment - $ 7,500 per day.
  • Removal at ATMs - $ 5,000 per day.

Where do you rent dollars with Payoneer in Russia?

In this chapter you will find information about where it is profitable to rent dollars from Payoneer card in Russia.

Here are three very very profitable bank by level limits. Each of them take a 2% commission for removing in ATM:

  1. UniCredit. - a maximum of 5000 USD / day. You can get $ 400 for removal.
    This bank enters the greatest number of positive feedback, the presence of dollars is uninterrupted.
  2. Raiffeisen. - $ 3000 per day and $ 300 per distance.
    * Regular currency receipt in ATMs.
  3. Binbank - Limit USD 3000 per day and 3000 per distance.
    * Irregular currency receipt in ATMs.

It is important to note that the boundaries may differ from the people featured. We recommend that you have the data checked by the representatives of the bank.