What can melt your heart

10 classic ways to melt hearts

Loving someone from far away is easy!

However, telling that person that you are interested in, or even love, more than friendship is far more difficult.

So here are 10 classic ways to melt hearts.

Whether from someone you have just met or your partner.

1. Brighten the day

The person you like is having a bad day, then cheer them up by letting them know how great or beautiful you think they are. Because few things are as sexy as someone who can brighten our day.

Isn't love about finding someone who can make our day and whose day we can make a little better?

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2. Seize the right opportunity

Sometimes the right opportunity presents itself to you that all you have to do is grab hold of your head to tell someone how great you think they are.

Often, however, our own fear or insecurity gets in the way, causing us to miss the opportunity. So be brave and don't let the next chance slip by.

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3. Name exactly what you find beautiful

While a general compliment is good, it will be much more effective if you state exactly what you find particularly beautiful about the other person.

Because everyone can say “You are beautiful!”, But to say exactly why you think someone is beautiful is much more difficult and also far more personal.

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4. Non-beauty compliment

Everyone is happy to receive a compliment for their external beauty. But we are much more pleased to be told that we are beautiful & intelligent, funny, social, strong-willed, sporty or or or.

Because this shows that the other person not only likes us for our external beauty, for which we sometimes can't do much, but also appreciates us for our inner values, which makes our hearts melt even faster.

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5. Music

Nothing says better: “I'm thinking of you!” Than burning the perfect music playlist on CD or even dedicating your own song to your loved one.

Why else did so many men learn to play guitar earlier if it wasn't about impressing women?

6. Love poem

Many of the greatest poems in human history were written with love in mind.

If you are not a great poet, this is not a problem either, because performing a classical poem can be just as effective as your own poem, if it comes from the heart.

7. Love letter

Who actually writes letters these days? When there are such great and simpler services like email, SMS and social networks!

But this is precisely the great advantage of a handwritten letter. Because not only does it show that you took your time and put your feelings into words. But it is also the classic romantic statement that your love will be reminded of in 20 years when he or she finds the old love letters. You might even look at them together.

8. Learn the language

Do you speak a different mother tongue than your love? Then learning the other language can be the easiest way to get your target's attention and admiration.

9. Incomparable

We see it again and again in romantic love films, so it shouldn't be too difficult to imitate without looking artificial. If the person you are in love with mentions something that they think is great or beautiful, you can easily answer: "Wow, that is really beautiful / great, but nowhere near as beautiful / great as you!"

10. Keep it simple

Sometimes the best way is the easiest. Because looking deep into someone's eyes and saying, “God, you are beautiful!” Can be the easiest step to melt hearts.

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Hearts melting Conclusion

No matter which of these classic ways you try, always remember that there is a big difference between posed and true expressions of feeling.

Everything you do should always fit your person, because nothing is worse than giving your love the impression that you have just performed something that you have studied. Because then the heart of your darling freezes instead of melting away.

Also think about what a person yours withCan melt your heart? And then do just that. If you are soul mate, it will be just right.

Still haven't found someone to compliment or confess your love to? Then try out these partner and single portals.

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