What was your favorite book at school

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With this motto we invited to a reading campaign on October 19, 2018 in the Ransbacher “Baumländlein”. In beautiful autumn weather, the dads presented their favorite books from their youth in a cozy tent. Until late in the evening they read, listened and ate punch, sausages and gingerbread. It was a very entertaining get-together; the children found it very exciting to listen to the different dads reading and laughed a lot at Sams, Max and Moritz. The story of the inventor duo Robbi & Tobbi and their Fliewatüüt aroused curiosity and with Jim Knopf, the imagination of what it might have looked like in Lummerland was kindled in the children's minds. It got exciting again with Emil and the detectives and the book about the cucumber gangsters. The reading evening came to an end with Ottfried Preußler's classic “The Little Ghost”, which was presented to the children in a suitable atmosphere. Then the children were able to conquer the little tree country and the parents sat together until it got too cold. It was a very nice evening and we would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success. In particular with the Häusler family from Unterampfrach, who made the area available to us, and Mr. Schneider from Unterampfrach, who sponsored bales of straw for us to sit on. A big thank you also goes to the whole network, which keeps providing us with contacts and supporting our association. And last but not least, the many dads who read with heart and soul; without you the evening would not have come about!