What can replace sun protection

Sunscreen replaces day care in summer

Especially now in summer, sun protection is a very important topic. Sun cream not only protects our skin from sunburn but is also an important measure in the fight against premature skin aging. Especially in view of the increasing rate of skin cancer cases, sun protection should not be neglected.

The modern sun creams are not only sun protection, they also have additional functions so that they can completely replace the usual day care in summer. There are sunscreens for every skin type, so everyone can find the right product.

Sun care instead of day cream?

Most day creams are already equipped with a UV filter, but this is by no means as effective as in special sun care. If you replace the day care with a sunscreen that is tailored to your skin type, you have a great advantage.

It is often feared that a sunscreen is far too rich, and that the skin will stick and shine after use. However, this is no longer the case at all with modern products. They are very light and easily absorbed by the skin.

Anyone who already has oily skin that is prone to shine can also use special sun protection products for oily skin. In this case, it is a gel or fluid that at the same time also gives the skin a lasting matt finish.

There are now even clarifying creams that can prevent blemishes on oily skin. For an uneven complexion, tinted fluids are available, which quickly provide balance and more evenness.

UV radiation promotes skin aging, but sun creams with special anti-aging ingredients are also available for more mature skin, which can also fight fine wrinkles at the same time.

Tips for using the sun protection products

A high sun protection factor is important every day in summer, even if you are mostly in the shade. It is recommended to use a sun protection factor of at least 30, even if the skin is not as sensitive.

Most of them apply far too little product to their face, around a teaspoon is recommended. If you now wear less on the face, the remaining protection is still high enough if you have opted for sun protection factor 30.

Before you apply the sun cream, you should use a serum that contains antioxidants, so you have the best anti-aging effect. After this is well absorbed, the sunscreen is applied evenly and generously to the face, neck and décolleté.

If you tend to have a strong pigmentation, you should also use a foundation with a sun protection factor. In summer it is important not to use aggressive active ingredients in cosmetics, these make the skin more sensitive to the sun; this applies to the active ingredient retinol, for example.