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Lawrence please behave yourself at least today.
Lawrence, je t'en prie, juste aujourd'hui, fais un gross effort.
Then behave yourself not like one.
Alors n 'agis pas comme tel.
behave yourself I am completely being hunted by someone.
Merci, mais je vais juste chez Cesari.
behave yourself just as if there was no camera.
Que do continue ce que tu fais comme s'il n'y avait pas de caméra.
I had to let all relationships play to get his interest behave yourself.
Et je veux que tu saches que j'ai investi une bonne partie de mon précieux capital en te vantant à Tanner, alors ne gâche pas tout.
behave yourself or I really hurt you
Don't run around and behave yourself like my bodyguard.
Et ne te stroll pas en te Faisant passer for the Guard of the Corps.
So don't cry and behave yourself like one.
behave yourselfotherwise you go to your room.
behave yourself at the funeral tomorrow, please.
behave yourself, or you'll go back to jail.
Mother, behave yourself not so childish.
Mère, ne faites pas l'enfant.
behave yourself please in my territory.
Essays d'être gentil sur mon territoire.
behave yourself now and eat your food.
Allez, maintenant, mange ton repas.
Then behave yourself better like one.
Vous devriez agir comme si c'était le cas.
behave yourself like the leader they think you are.
behave yourself, and you don't have to find out.
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