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My Testament lyrics
of Reinhard Mey

My Testament lyrics

In anticipation of that hour that you just don't know beforehand
I'll take a pen and paper and start my will
Write my last will, but I very much hope so
That the will that I am writing is not my last
But I'll have it ready just in case
I would be extremely sorry if the worst came to the worst

I give you power of attorney alone to manage my estate
So I know that no one is making any nonsense with the estate
First go to the beer wholesaler, who is already sobbing and lamenting
Because with me he loses a pillar of his turnover
Give him all the empty bottles that are in our cellar
He's going to feel better with the beautiful post of empties

What good full bottles are still in the cellar afterwards
I will bequeath them to you, friends, who will appreciate them
As thanks for the good hours you gave me
As a thank you for trotting behind the black car today
I bequeath you kegs and bottles, for your good, for my consolation
I would have liked to drink with you, unfortunately it doesn't work, well, cheers

All that I have in earthly goods, dog and house
I will leave you, my friend, you make the best of it
And suddenly the rooms seem much too narrow and small
Open the doors to friends and the house will be bigger
Give away whatever you want to give away from the inventory
Be more generous than I was with those who ask you

My dreams, my goals, are in good hands with you
The ones I loved as well as I understood it to be
I wanted to improve the world, without much success it seems to me
You continue where I stop and maybe you will succeed
That will comfort you when I no longer live with you
Then become the happiest again, you are already the most beautiful

My verses, my songs, are yours anyway
The one who loved me so much, maybe more than I deserve '
Because through you I have when my last hour comes today
Much more than just that part of happiness that comes my way
So in that hour I only regret that apparently
We did not have the lot of Philemon and Baucis

But one thing makes me happy when I die today, unabashedly
I smeared my adversaries one more time
Because I hear the people who blaspheme condolences and even
Murmuring that I was always the best, dearest, greatest
You, you slimy people, I leave my annoyance with a happy heart
That you always have to say good things about someone who has just died

My legacy is written, with a clear head to the end
I'll leave space for the date, I'll sign the rest now
This is my last will, but I really hope so
That the will that I am writing is not my last
If he were, write 'on the tombstone that I still require'
"Here lies someone who doesn't like, but who left with satisfaction"

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