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History about ZenaZena has been producing quality products for the kitchen since the 1930s. The individual kitchen aids are developed with Swiss precision so that design, practical application and durability leave nothing to be desired. In 1947 the company founder Alfred Neweczerzal designed the aluminum peeler with a steel blade and placed it under international model protection. The Rex - since the beginning with an unchanged look - has meanwhile become a design classic. Today, Zena Swiss in Affoltern am Albis produces peelers in many different designs as well as various planes. With the current production volume of over two million peelers per year and sales in over 22 countries, a piece of Swiss quality has found its way into many kitchens around the world. Thanks to this high production volume, Zena can hold its own against international competition today.The classic in Swiss kitchensFor the 60th anniversary of the Rex peeler in 2007, the design classic was released as an anniversary version in a golden dress. The Rex Gold is just as practical and sharp as the original, also suitable for peeling vegetables and fruits or slicing chocolate and hard cheese, but also a piece of gold for the eye. The gold edition, limited to 1000 pieces per year, should only be cleaned by hand under running water and with soap.HighlightThe Rex peeler is cult and one of the great Swiss design classics.Source of supplyThe Limited Edition Rex Gold and other Zena peelers are available from the Bestswiss shop.
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The Rex Gold is presented in an elegant box with a matt black inlay and a transparent lid. A noble gift that brings shine and glamor into the kitchen.


Zena Swiss AG
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8910 Affoltern a.A.

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