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Expert tips for house building - This is how it works with the dream house

“Sustainable building is about the interaction of a wide variety of factors. For example, with a view to the health of the building users, builders should look carefully at which materials are being used. It is also crucial to think beyond the pure planning and construction phase, for example what flexible floor plans and conversion options or long-term costs. A lot of money can be saved here if later maintenance or refurbishment measures are preventively avoided.

An important rule in sustainable building is that building cheap cannot be an alternative, because sooner or later this will always catch up with you. The biggest stumbling block is therefore to think only in the short term. If you build your own home, you usually only do it once in your life. Here plan ahead, should actually be taken for granted.

This also applies to the construction and real estate industry itself, which is responsible for a large part of the CO2-Emissions, resource consumption and waste generation is responsible. Conversely, there is also enormous leverage for improvements here. Sustainable construction can make a significant contribution to environmental protection, for example by considering the later dismantling and the recycling friendliness of the building materials used in the planning stage. "