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Wedding congratulations: wedding sayings & texts

Regardless of whether you are invited to the wedding or not, when friends, acquaintances or relatives get married, wedding congratulations are appropriate. But how do you write your wedding wishes?

In our article you will find beautiful wedding sayings, the right words for a great text in your wedding card and wishes for the wedding - more than "Happy Wedding".

We have divided this article into the following areas

  1. Ideas and suggestions for wedding congratulations
  2. Modern congratulations on the wedding
  3. Wedding congratulations with an individual reference
  4. Quotes as congratulations on the wedding
  5. Wedding congratulations in English
  6. Can I use these wedding congratulations for free?
  7. Great gift ideas for wedding congratulations

1. Ideas and suggestions for wedding congratulations

We have put together some sayings for you that you can write on the wedding card and, like all the other information on our pages, there are examples of the congratulations for the wedding free of charge. Our wedding congratulations should rather serve you as a suggestion and inspiration for your personal congratulations for the wedding.

It is best to adapt your personal congratulations to the wedding especially for the bride and groom whose wedding you are writing the congratulations.

If it is more of a younger couple that you know well, then funny wedding wishes are quite appropriate.

If you don't know the bride and groom that well and they are a bit older, funny, modern wedding wishes may not be the best choice.

Congratulations are great for money gifts for the wedding, as wedding congratulations or wedding money gifts. It is best to hand it over on a greeting card or write it in the guest book.

2. Modern congratulations on the wedding

If you would like to write the congratulations for the wedding in a modern way, it is better to write a simple text than a traditional wedding saying. This can be something very simple, such as

  • We wish you all the best for your wedding and a happy, contented marriage
  • I am happy that you have found each other and I wish you a happy life together
  • Congratulations to the dream couple

Alternatively, you can also use a quote as a wedding congratulation. It doesn't have to be a modern wedding quote because the really good quotes are timeless.

Personal wedding congratulations

Dear Tanja, dear Jochen,

Mark Twain once said:

"Joy can only be fully enjoyed when someone else is happy too."

And we are really happy with you!

It's nice to see how happy you are with each other. And we are very grateful that we can celebrate your big day with you.

For your journey together, we wish you that it is rich in children, varied and adventurous and above all that no one can take your joy away.

Feel embraced,…

3. Wedding congratulations with an individual reference

Relation to the past

Dear bride and groom,

we congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts that you have found each other and that you want to go your way together in the future. After all the testing years you have now dared to take the decisive step - we are very pleased about that.

With everything that you have experienced in the past, you have shown everyone that you can go through ups and downs together and that nothing and nobody can take your love away from you. This is probably the best way to have a wonderful marriage.

We wish you all the best for your future and of course a lot of children! 😉

Dearest wedding congratulations, ...

Common preferences

Dear bride and groom,

through our common love for music, you surely know that love is not a solo, but a duet. For your wedding we wish you that your song never falls silent, but that you will always discover a new verse ...

Family wishes you all the best ...

Wedding congratulations from the bride's parents

Dear Tanja, dear Jochen,

Getting married for love is probably one of the greatest moments of happiness for two people. It is a good feeling for us to know that we are handing over our daughter to good hands. We also appreciate it very much, dear Jochen, to have a great (in-law) son with you. Of course we are happy to hand over our daughter to you, because her satisfaction, her bright eyes and inner calm convince us that you are the right one for her!

Your future together is now ahead of you and we wish you all the luck in the world!

In love, …

4. Quotes as congratulations on the wedding

Here are a few more quotes with which one could make the personal congratulations for the wedding a little more interesting, e.g. as an introduction or as a conclusion at the end:

"Marriage works best when both partners stay a little unmarried." (Claudia Cardinale)

"It's not the worst marriages when a lightning bolt is married to a lightning rod." (Tilla Durieux)

"Perhaps the bond that holds a marriage together is sometimes so incomprehensible to outsiders because it cannot be seen." (Jeanne Moreau)

"To be able to find one's joy in the joy of the other: That is the secret of happiness."George Bernanos)

"To experience the full value of happiness, we need someone to share it with." (Mark Twain)

5. Wedding congratulations in English

If you would like to write something English on your wedding card or go to a wedding abroad where English is spoken, you might be able to do something with the following sayings.

  • We wish you all the best in the world and congratulations for you wedding.
  • May you be as rich in life as you are in love.
  • Best wishes to the newlywed couple. Have a great marriage.
  • May God bless you beyond measure and let your marriage be a blessing to everyone around you.
  • I'm so happy that you two have found each other. May life shower you with love, happiness and true friendship.

6. Can I use these wedding wishes for free?

We know that writing great text for the wedding card is difficult at times. After all, it's supposed to be better than “Happy Wedding”. Otherwise you would not have found us.

Even if it seems easier to search for congratulations on the wedding for free on the Internet than to write some yourself, it is advisable to put your personal congratulations on the wedding in your own words. Although you are of course welcome to use these wedding wishes for private purposes, you should not copy any text for your wedding card one-to-one.

Because some passages, e.g. from example 2, do not apply to every bridal couple and could be incorrectly recorded. And you don't want to annoy the bride and groom with any inappropriate sayings. Not everything that is free is always the best. Checked, supplemented and customized for a great text in your wedding card - this is the best way to get perfect wedding wishes!

7. Great gift ideas for wedding congratulations

Money box with wedding wishes

You can hand over your congratulations and a small injection of money for the wedding in a particularly creative way with this “savings book”. Very individual: The names of the bride and groom and the wedding date are also immortalized on it.

This money box is particularly practical for gifts of money from several people, because everyone can put as much as they want into the money box.

Funny money box for married people

A fun way to present your cash gift at the wedding!

There are two money slots for the bride and groom, but all the money always falls to the wife's side.

Price: from € 14.99

Gift bottle with a cavity

If you don't know exactly how to hand over the written wedding wishes and are not a big fan of classic greeting cards, you can do this with a hollow bottle, for example.


Wedding lantern with engraving

Another creative idea is the romantic wedding lantern, on which the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date are engraved.

We have put together many more quotes and wedding congratulations for you on the subject of light and love.

Fireworks of congratulations

Accentuate your individual wedding congratulations with small or large fireworks. For as little as € 39.95 you can get a "burning heart" or get together with family / friends and arrange a complete fireworks display. It's easy to design yourself and is guaranteed to make your eyes shine!

Slate heart with engraving

The high-quality slate heart with engraving can be individualized with the personal names of the bride and groom and the wedding date and is a great gift as an addition to the wedding wishes.

Wedding congratulations by pillow

Simply hand over your special congratulations on the wedding with a great pillow.

You can have the pillow personalized with the name of the bride and groom and some banknotes - a personal gift of money! Finally, attach a nice card with the wedding congratulations.

Personalized Toblerone for lovers

Everyone loves Toblerone! The classic among chocolate gifts is perfect for all those with a sweet tooth. Thanks to the personalization with the names of the bride and groom, this souvenir for the wedding wishes becomes something very special!

Lucky gift falling star

Many wedding guests also present lucky gifts with their personal congratulations on the wedding. Here, for example, a real shooting star with a certificate is great.

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