How much sleep do dogs get

How much sleep does a dog need?

We are all sometimes "dog tired". But where does this expression come from and what does it have to do with our four-legged friend?

Dogs need a lot of sleep - most animals sleep over 14 hours during the day. Particularly active dogs dream very lively, because they process the events of the day. It is completely normal for the dog to twitch, run or bark in part while sleeping, namely, he dreams more intensely than humans.

The sleeping habits are quite different from animal to animal. Some are very active and others overslept most of the day. It is typical for our fur noses that they have theirs Adapt sleep rhythm to the master. There is a longer deep sleep phase at night and a little nap here and there during the day is sufficient.

How many hours of sleep does my dog ​​need a day?

How much sleep the dog needs depends on that Age, race and health of the animal. Adult dogs need 17 to 20 hours of sleep. This includes not only the deep sleep phases, but also the small rest periods in which the dog relaxes on the couch.

How many hours of sleep does a puppy need?

Puppies, seniors and sick dogs even up to 22 hours. To the dog from an early age adequate sleep behavior To get used to it, it makes sense to introduce certain sleep rituals. Some dogs are so used to being active all the time that they need to be taught how to sleep properly at the beginning. Lying down with the dog is a good way of "teaching" your four-legged friend how to sleep.

Why is getting enough sleep so important?

While sleeping the dog recharges its batteries and processes the experiences of the day - just like us humans. That is why dogs sleep even after strenuous days particularly deep or sometimes very restless.

If the dog does not get enough sleep, it becomes over-excited, unfocused and agitated. If the dog sleeps too little for a long time, it is Irritability or aggressiveness the consequence. If there is a permanent shortage of sheep, dogs ultimately become seriously and / or chronically ill in the worst case.

Many diseases of our four-legged friends can be linked to lack of sleep or excessive demands. Too little sleep or stress weakens the immune system. Overall poor health can lead to allergies, organ diseases, neural disorders and in the worst case cancer.

The right place to sleep

Dogs used to sleep in the great outdoors and look for one there safe and protected sleeping place. Often served caves the dog as a place to relax. That is why dogs still like to sleep in sheltered sleeping places, such as under the bed or in the closet. But even a soft cuddly bed from the pet shop can do the trick for your four-legged friend Sense of security produce.

Conclusion: Give your four-legged friend a break from time to time and make sure that he gets enough sleep. Ultimately, the following applies: sleeping dogs should not be woken up ...