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Meat alternatives: Vegetarian and vegan substitute products are considered healthy - but they also have weaknesses

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Vegetarian substitute products are a suitable alternative to meat for many people (symbol picture). © imago images / Westend61

Vegan and vegetarian: Vegetable substitutes as an alternative to meat are trendy. Which ones exist and for whom they are suitable.

Bonn - Vegetarian burgers, plant-based sausages and cold cuts without any animal suffering - the market for Meat substitute products is booming. Vegetarian and vegan Butcher alternatives can now be bought in every supermarket. The offer is no longer exclusively aimed at vegan and Vegetarian. Many flexitarians, i.e. people who eat everything, are also increasingly using the meatless substitutes. There are now numerous products that not only look like meat, but should also taste like it. If she vegetarian and vegan meat alternatives However, being healthy depends on the ingredients and processing. Especially allergy sufferers and people with a food intolerance have to be careful.

Vegetarian and vegan meat alternatives: How healthy are meat-free substitutes?

Meat substitute products have a number of advantages over conventional meat: They can be prepared quickly, do not suffer animal harm and are also considered to be more environmentally friendly. To the taste, appearance and consistency of flesh to imitate, they contain according to the Federal Center for Nutrition (BZfE) but often numerous Additives and colorants. Manufacturers also often use a lot of sugar, salt and fat.

Not all meat alternatives are for people with one Lactose food allergy or Gluten intolerance suitable. Those affected should therefore take a very close look at the list of ingredients. There are a few things to consider when choosing herbal products. Because components of milk, Gluten and other allergy triggers in foods.

Vegetarian meat substitute made from soy: tofu and tempeh

tofu is the classic among the herbal substitutes. Although it is traditionally at home in Asian cuisine, tofu is now also used in a variety of ways in this country. Since the Meat substitute is tasteless, it can be prepared both savory and sweet. Will be produced tofu made from soy milk that thickens with the help of a coagulant. The mass is then shaped and pressed until the typical consistency is achieved.

tofu is usually easily digestible and also very healthy, because the food contains a good portion as well Proteins all essential amino acids. Who againstAllergic to soy must, however, refrain from using products that contain soybeans. These include typical Soy products like tofu and tempeh also ready-to-eat products such as tofu sausages, burgers or patties. (Substitute products for lactose intolerance and milk protein allergy: How healthy is soy?)

Vegetarian meat substitute: seitan

Seitan originally from China and was developed there by vegetarian monks. Who is not gluten tolerates or under one Wheat allergy suffers, has to do without seitan. Because the vegetable meat substitute is made from pure wheat protein. This will be wheat flour first mixed with water to form a firm dough and then washed out the starch by constant kneading. This gets Seitan its firm, meat-like consistency.

Exactly this consistency makes Seitan not only popular with vegetarians and vegans. But is seitan healthy too? One hundred grams contain on average 25 to 30 grams of protein, that is significantly more than can be found in tofu. In addition, has Seitan only a low fat content. Who is not under one Gluten intolerance or Celiac disease suffers, so can courageously become the popular Meat alternative to grab. (Common food allergies: these foods are particularly allergenic)

Vegetarian meat substitute from the region: legumes

legumes like peas, beans and chickpeas are just not great rich in protein, but also provide important vitamins and minerals. The regional superfoods are therefore particularly recommended for a healthy and balanced diet. But not just pure legumes recommended, also as vegetable alternatives to meat they are becoming more and more popular. Especially in the last few years, more and more products are made from beans or beans Pea protein offered. Less known, but no less tasty tofu-like products out Sweet lupins. Schnitzel, burgers and sausages are made from the regionally grown ones Sweet lupine seeds produced. Another advantage: In contrast to soy and Seitan Sweet lupins usually don't seem to be Allergies trigger.

Vegetarian meat substitutes: Processed meat alternatives are high in sugar and fat

Vegetarian and vegan ready-made products consist mainly of Pea, soy and wheat proteins - So they are basically a good source of protein. To make one from the herbal ingredients meat-like consistency and to conjure up taste, many manufacturers use it Flavors and Dyes. Most substitute products therefore often contain a lot of sugar and salt. Also Flavor enhancers such as glutamate are often included. In addition, the fat content is in the Meat substitute often at 10 to 20 percent - similar to conventional sausage and meat products.

For many People with allergies and gluten intolerance are Meat substitute products often not suitable based on egg, milk or wheat. Who doesn't milk or Eggs tolerates or even reacts allergic can use vegan products. For people with Celiac disease or Gluten intolerance however, this is not an alternative. (Lactose intolerance and milk protein allergy: be careful, these foods contain milk)

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