How do I make money farming

Organic farmer Josef Unglert, 61, switched to direct marketing more than 30 years ago. The whole family including Unglert's parents work with us. The products are sold in the farm shop, and the Hängbüchlhof is also represented at the Bruck farmers' market. Every year the meat of around 350 lambs, 20 young cattle, 25 pigs and around 25 eggs are sold every day, everything comes from their own farm, the animals are raised by Unglert himself. But without the direct payments, "dats don't work," says the farmer. Unglert pays extra for the wool that is inevitably produced in sheep breeding because the animals have to be sheared - the shearer costs more than the wool brings in. Only five percent of the clothes are made of pure wool, he says. "Today most of them are mixed products, cheap and easy to wash." But he sees a rethink among customers, clothes, blankets made of wool and even furs are slowly becoming more in demand.

The business, through which the sale takes place, and the agricultural business are separate for tax purposes. Farmer Unglert sells his products to the business run by his daughter Michaela Höfel, who also lives on it.

Further sources of income are the feed-in tariff from the photovoltaic system on the roof, which delivers a maximum of 60 kilowatts. Michaela Höfel has income as an adventure farmer, she offers tours of the farm and even children's birthdays. "It's extra income," says Unglert, "small cattle also make crap." It helps that his parents get a pension.