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White Teeth: 10 Tips That Really Help!

1. Mouthwash

To know every trick in the book: Mouthwashes are absolute must-haves in daily teeth cleaning. Because they prevent tooth decay, help against bad breath, clean gaps and strengthen enamel and gums. They do this with ingredients like fluoride.

1. ZENDIUM "Mouthwash with proteins and enzymes", shop here for a 2-pack for around 8 euros
"Velvet white polar fresh mouthwash", shop here for about 5 euros
"Total Care Antibacterial Mouthwash", shop here 3-pack for approx. 10 euros

2. Brush your teeth

Brushing your teeth or showering - what would you do without in the morning due to lack of time? If you ask the Germans, the answer is around a quarter of showers - because of oral hygiene only four percent save (survey by oral care label TePe). That’s a good attitude! And: cleaning doesn't cost us that much time either. We can already clean thoroughly in three minutes. Those who invest less time only clean around 60 percent of the tooth surface on average. Therefore, slowly shimmy from tooth to tooth and combine the brush with mouthwash and dental floss.



3. Eat right

If the mouth is sensitive, we should evening glass of wine, the generous dash of vinegar in the salad or the Extra portion of fruit Remove from the menu. There's a lot of applause from our pearly whites for anything that provides nutrients - for example, dark chocolate is a good source of magnesium, meat and eggs are full of calcium, and green tea provides fluoride. Tip: nibble on some raw vegetables (carrots, kohlrabi) after lunch - the gnawing cleans the teeth.



4. Whitening

Who one long-term, thorough teeth whitening should seek advice from his dentist. For quick and superficial results the whitening kit is the top choice for at home - but without the wear and tear of hydrogen peroxide, please. Are you sensitive? If your teeth are sensitive to pain, you should keep your fingers off teeth whitening as it attacks the enamel. If you still want to try it, it is better to choose natural products (e.g. with activated charcoal).

1. MOTHER NATURE "Activated charcoal powder for teeth whitening", shop here for about 14 euros
"Activated charcoal toothpaste", shop here for about 10 euros
"Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit", shop here for about 18 euros
"Teeth Whitening Strips", shop here for about 15 euros

5. Toothpaste

The key to success is that RDA, so Toothpaste abrasion value. This indicates how much small particles in the cream sand off the tooth enamel - the lower this value, the better (for common toothpastes we google it on the Internet). Anyone who already has sensitive teeth shouldn't have anything above an RDA value of 50 use (here everything is top with the addition “sensitive”), for healthy teeth the maximum limit is 70. If you want to do something good not only for your smile but also for the environment, you should also ensure that toothpastes do not contain any ingredients with endings such as polymer and polyamides contain. These are Microplastic particlesthat sand off discolouration, but get into the oceans through sewage and pollute them.

HAPPYBRUSH "Vegan Toothpastes", Shop 6 packs with three varieties here for around 18 euros



6. Loosen the jaw

Head and neck pain are your daily routine? The cause is often one tight jaw muscles! Short test: with your mouth closed, slide your tongue between the molars of the upper and lower jaw while at rest. Does not work? Then there is tension! One solution is self massage. To do this, massage with your fingers from the cheekbone to the chin with light pressure. It also helps to sleep on your back to relieve the jaw at night. If you have severe, long-term complaints, please see a doctor - there is also physiotherapy for our chewing muscles!



7. Tool hygiene

If the bristles of the toothbrush are crooked and crooked, then we will be reminded at the latest that a new one needs to be found! But often it is already too late by then. At least every three months we should change the brush (even after every cold!), otherwise Bacteria, germs and fungi form. And: Rinse the toothbrush after EVERY brushing so that no food remains stuck. Then always store it open so that it can dry better.

8. floss

Which is the better choice: Floss or Interdental brushes? Dentists always advise it both to use. However, both variants do not fit every tooth area. The rule of thumb: the closer the teeth are, the easier it is to floss the spaces between them. We prefer to use brushes for wider spaces, bridges or braces.

1. TEPE "Interdental brushes", shop double pack here for approx. 12 euros
"Pro-Expert Premium Dental Floss", shop here for a pack of 4 for around 16 euros

9. Brushes

The biggest Misbelief When brushing your teeth: The harder we scrub, the cleaner (and whiter) it gets. The! Is! Not! Correct! Because in this way we gradually brush away the enamel, injure the gums - keyword: Periodontal disease! So please just press it gently and dearly soft or extra soft bristles use. If you want to be on the safe side, dig deeper into your pocket and treat yourself to an electric toothbrush.

Tooth hero "GERO electric sonic toothbrush", shop here for about 60 euros

10. Freshness kick

We chew each other with these cool rubbers fresh breath! In doing so, they turn into mouthwash, which rinses everything through once and smells away. Then we just swallow it down, because that is allowed here compared to a real mouthwash.

LISTERINE "GO! Tabs", Shop 48 packs here for around 16 euros


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