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New laundry - Uri's handicapped company is supposed to wash hospital linen

For around 50 years, the Uri Disabled Persons Foundation (SBU) has been running an institution in Schattdorf that enables people with disabilities to live and work there. There are sheltered jobs in workshops, in restaurants and in housekeeping.

Not all of these areas are equally successful: The order situation in the workshop is decreasing. Mechanical production, packaging work or the dismantling of devices are no longer in great demand. Today, almost 20 percent fewer hours are worked in the workshop than ten years ago. "It is becoming more and more difficult to get adequate orders," says the managing director of the SBU, Thomas Kenel. The market and competition from abroad also play a role.

Laundry creates jobs

The situation is different in gastronomy and laundry - i.e. in the area of ​​services. The SBU has built a solid foothold there. The foundation wants to rely on this. She wants to expand her laundry by 2023 and thus create 20 new jobs for people with disabilities. To do this, the foundation needs start-up funding of 2.1 million francs from the canton. The Uri electorate has to decide on this.

Foundation for the disabled in Uri

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The Uri Disabled Companies Foundation (SBU) offers people with disabilities a wide range of work, employment and housing options. In 1970 the SBU was established as a private foundation. Since then it has developed from a small company with a workshop manager and a work group of six people with disabilities to one of the largest companies in Uri. Today 186 people with disabilities live and work there. The SBU also employs 192 people and 11 apprentices.

Today eight people with disabilities work in the laundry. They sort, dry and iron the laundry. They are supported by other employees. They handle 110 tons of laundry annually. With the expansion plans, it should be much more. Up to 400 tons a year. The demand would be there in industry and commerce, hotels and old people's and nursing homes.

And the big plan: The disabled institution in Schattdorf is to wash the laundry of the Uri Cantonal Hospital in the future. In the planned new hospital building, there is no longer any space for the laundry and should therefore be relocated. With the SBU, a cantonal solution is in sight that will give the foundation economic security. The handicapped business would have to deal with an additional 200 tons of hospital laundry per year.

Canton should help with financing

To do this, however, the SBU has to expand. The foundation has already found a suitable location for a new, larger laundry: In a hall on the premises of the family business Zgraggen, also in Schattdorf. The SBU could set up its laundry here. Investments of 4.5 million Swiss francs are required. A lot of money for the SBU, which it cannot raise on its own, says managing director Thomas Kenel: “We need start-up funding from the canton. This money helps us to get the laundry up to speed in the first six years. " The canton is to help with 2.1 million francs to get the laundry up and running.

The people of Uri will vote on this loan on June 13th. The submission is undisputed by all parties.