What are some cool sounding Irish words

Company names for whiskey bars


Company name


1.The Scotch Code

A mysterious name that is ideally suited for a whiskey bar with a cool ambience and at the same time offers great logo options.

2.Meet at Usquebaugh

"Usquebaugh" is the old Gaelic word for whiskey - and thus a fitting, albeit unusual name for your bar, which is guaranteed to quickly become the meeting place for whiskey lovers.

3.Whiskey & whiskey

In America and Ireland they write “whiskey”, in Scotland they write “whiskey”. With this name you show that you have the best types of whiskey from all over the world.

4.Bourbon Bar at 123

A good sounding name for a whiskey bar with a large range of bourbon. By specifying your house number (“123” is a placeholder) you establish a geographical reference.

5.My whiskey club

A simple but concise name, which experiences a certain exclusivity from the word “club” and which gets a personal note from the word “mine”.

6.Sour is fun

An original name for a bar that specializes in whiskey cocktails, as it combines the phrase "sour makes fun" and the cocktail "whiskey sour".

7.On the rocks!

Whiskey is often drunk on ice and the term “whiskey on the rocks” is a term even for whiskey laypeople. Therefore, this name is ideal for a whiskey bar.

8.www - Wide Whiskey World

A cool name that suggests that you have a wide range of whiskey varieties from around the world in your range. The name also works well for chic logo designs.

9.A wee dram

This likable name is a common phrase in Scottish pubs to have more or less whiskey in the glass - and therefore a perfect name for a whiskey bar.

10.In the whiskey cellar

A timeless name that triggers associations of a rustic ambience with heavy wooden barrels and invites you to enjoy absolute whiskey.