What if you swallow a cockroach

Cockroaches - what helps against cockroaches in the apartment

They are disgusting - cockroaches and cockroaches of all kinds. The pests attack supplies in the kitchen and basement, transmit pathogens and are difficult to control. This is mainly due to the fact that all cockroach and cockroach species are always in comparison large groups Life. The following applies: If you come across a cockroach in the apartment, it is more than likely that there are significantly more crawling vermin hides in nooks and crannies, pipes and false ceilings. Cockroach or cockroach infestation is mostly invasive - that is, in hordes. The pest controller then not only has to catch and kill a few of the animals, but in the best case all of them. Otherwise you won't get rid of the bugs.

All types of cockroaches can be differentiated by roughly dividing them into three categories: The German cockroach, the Oriental cockroach and the American cockroach. The former measures approx. 12 mm and is light brown in color, while its oriental cockroach colleague is black and twice as big. The American variant of the pests has an impressive length of 30 to 50 mm. The names of the two large cockroach species, however, do not mean that the two insect species only exist on the American continent or in the Middle East. All cockroach species are Culture follower and have long since traveled around the world in cargo planes, by ship or in holiday luggage. Nevertheless, the American cockroach or "real" cockroach is relatively rare in our latitudes.