How do you escape multiple attackers

In Ansbach, two men were attacked by several strangers. When the victims were on the ground, the attackers kicked them in the head.

  • Two men were brutally attacked in Ansbach.
  • There are said to be six attackers.
  • The victims were taken to hospital injured.

Ansbach - On the night of Saturday has turned in Ansbach a brutal attack played. Two men were attacked and injured for no reason. Your attacker were able to flee and are currently being held by the police searched.

Ansbach: blows and kicks to the head

The two victims, aged 41 and 48, were in Ansbach on the way when they were attacked by six men. The thugs, who are probably between 18 and 25 years old, jumped the two Victim only when they were on the ground did they hit and kick. It also continued Kicks against the head. The 48-year-old was beaten unconscious.

Ansbach: The search for the perpetrators is still ongoing

They only let go when a passing motorist stopped bat of theirs sacrifice from. They were able to escape under cover of darkness. Currently looking for police even after the men. The two Victim were ins hospital brought.

The body of a 23-year-old was found in the forest in Oberrimbach in Middle Franconia. She was probably killed by force. In the Unterallgäu, an 18-year-old completely freaked out. First he attacked a senior citizen and then he attacked the police.

The police heard an unbelievable story from a man from the Landshut district. In a wooded area he was suddenly attacked by a stranger.

In order to show more presence, 100 new riot police have now been sworn in in Nuremberg.