Online banking software is a distributed application

Online banking

With the two online banking applications "agree21eBanking Business" and "agree21eBanking Private" we offer you for everyone
Requirement the right solution. To use the application, all you need is a standard browser, Internet access
and an RSB-NetKey with an approved PIN.

  • agree21eBanking Business

    With the application 'agree21eBanking-Business' we offer our merchants a browser-based solution for payment transactions.

    - Submission of individual and collective transfers and direct debits
    - Sharing files from service data centers
    - Processing of SEPA files
    - Distributed electronic signature (VEU), enables approval in accordance with the dual control principle from different locations
    - Agreement of all common types of power of attorney
    - Comprehensive import and export functions
    - Management of standing orders
    - Direct debit return

  • agree21eBanking Private
    With the application 'agree21eBanking-Private' we also offer the possibility to use private access to online banking.

    - Submission of individual, scheduled and collective transfers
    - Submission of EURO transfers (SEPA)
    - Templates and collector functions
    - Management of standing orders
    - Import and export functions
    - Electronic bank statements
    - Direct debit return

We offer the following TAN procedures to secure your transactions:

  • Online banking using the ChipTAN procedure
    You only need an RSBNetWorld card and a TAN generator. We are happy to provide you with both.
    SmartTAN plus, SmartTAN photo
  • Online banking using the SMS-TAN procedure
    You will receive your TAN conveniently on your mobile phone via SMS.
  • SecureGO procedure
    TAN is displayed in a SecureGo app. The app can be installed on smartphones and tablets. It can also be used via the VR banking app.
  • HBCI process
    Usable via your banking software.


In order to optimize your online banking, we offer you the following banking software in cooperation with StarMoney:

You can get a free trial version of the program for 60 days at the corresponding link.

If the StarMoney software has convinced you and you would like to continue using it after the test phase, you will receive a license from us. You benefit from ongoing software updates and updates.

In addition, you can get support from the StarMoney hotline via email support if you have any questions or problems.


If you have any questions about online banking or to request a software license, please contact our online banking team.