What does locking a SIM card do

Lock SIM card

Lost or stolen your device? Or is the SIM card gone?
Here's what to do now.


Lock SIM card

First, lock your SIM card. Then nobody can cause any more costs. Call the hotline or block your SIM card online. You can also react quickly from abroad with the online card blocking.

Order a new SIM card

As a customer with a fixed-term contract, you order a new SIM card as a replacement. You can of course keep your phone number. As a prepaid customer, you can choose: Would you like a new starter package and a new number? Or do you want to keep a replacement card and your phone number.
Both is possible. The price of a new card is € 25.95.

Get a new cell phone

Is your contract renewable? Then simply renew and select your new mobile phone. As a prepaid customer, you can get an inexpensive mobile phone in a prepaid bundle from the online shop.

to file charges

With the help of the serial number or IMEI number of a cell phone, the police can identify any cell phone. You can find the number in your contract documents.

Tips for the future

Every loss is annoying. But you can limit the damage. Simply book additional insurance when you conclude the contract! You should back up your data regularly so that personal information is not lost. On your own storage space or in the mobilcom-debitel cloud. Access to your device can be prevented with your PIN. Under no circumstances should you deactivate your personal identification code