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Partner exchanges in the test : Dating sites at a glance *

“Dating with style”, “singles with class” and “serious online dating” - that is what today's successful dating sites promise. Many users hope to find a partnership here. According to Stiftung Warentest, almost seven million singles in Germany are looking for a partnership in this way; and if you believe elite partners, nine million Germans allegedly live with someone “whom they met online.” The placement industry is booming. In 2014 it had a turnover of almost 192 million euros.

Which partner exchange offers what?

Stiftung Warentest checked various providers in February 2016. Eleven dating sites and dating agencies were tested with psychological and legal experts and five virtual singles. Two fictitious women and three men signed a total of 55 contracts that were terminated after the test phase. The personality profiles were open and conservative.

Who convinces or disappoints when it comes to data protection, partner search, membership, website and app? The result is surprisingly positive, with four placements doing “good”. We have also taken a close look at the partner exchanges. Here we present the most important results.

The test winners: Parship,Elitepartner, LoveScout24 and Neu.de did "good"

According to Stiftung Warentest, lonely hearts can confidently entrust themselves to these partner exchanges.

Parship, the serious partner exchange - overall grade 2.3

The partner exchange Parship scored “good” in the test. The very extensive personality profile, the good overview in the free mode and the many partner suggestions speak in favor of Parship. In addition, Parship offers the best information on partner offers. The encryption of user data is rated as “very good” and the shortcomings in the general terms and conditions are rated as “very low”. The disadvantages of Parship are the long minimum term of six months and the expensive costs - a six-month premium membership costs just under 360 euros (approx. 60 euros per month).


  • Comprehensive personality profile
  • Good overview in free mode
  • Lots of partner suggestions
  • Good use
  • Very good information and help

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Elite partner: "Academics & singles with level" - overall grade 2.5

"Successful partner search" promises Elitepartner.de. If you can believe the “success stories” of the portal, then in many cases it keeps its promise. Stories are told here of couples newly in love, long-distance relationships, happily married couples and new parents. The costs for elite partners: Around 210 euros for three months of premium membership (69.90 euros per month). In the test, the provider achieved an overall rating of good. The reasons for this are the well-structured, attractive website and the many partner suggestions. Particularly noteworthy is Elitepartner (due to its very good data encryption) when it comes to handling customer data.


  • privacy
  • Good sorting options in the partner search
  • Good fit of the partner proposals

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LoveScout24 (formerly Friendscout24) offers very good search options - overall grade 1.8

The renowned partner exchange LoveScout24 was known under the name Friendscout24 until some time ago. Up to 17,500 members should be online here every minute, around a million singles look for their partner here every month.

With this provider, the profile is quickly created in just two steps. With the help of a personality test, Premium Plus members receive suitable partner suggestions. The costs for a three-month Premium Plus membership are just under 60 euros. The excellent search options, smooth termination, profile deletion and good advice speak in favor of LoveScout24.
According to Stiftung Warentest, the partner exchange disappoints in the area of ​​data encryption. The Tagesspiegel technology has tested this and gives the all-clear: LoveScout24 has corrected the deficiencies, the login data are now encrypted through the network.


  • Extensive personal profile
  • Very good search options
  • Tailored search results
  • Easy termination and profile deletion
  • Good advice

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Neu.de glänpartly with an exemplary partner search - overall grade 1.9

Neu.de promises a serious partner search and is actually convincing: The partner exchange receives the top rating with a 1.4 in the "partner search" section, together with its cooperation partner LoveScout24. The very good search options, daily partner suggestions, good advice as well as the smooth termination and profile deletion speak in favor of Neu.de. Neu.de disappoints with major data protection weaknesses.


  • Good personal profile
  • Very good search options
  • Tailored search results
  • Easy termination and profile deletion

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Finya.de: The free partner exchange - overall grade 2.6

Stiftung Warentest gave the free partner exchange Finya.de a rating of “satisfactory” (2.6). The exact search results, the balanced male-female ratio and the large number of users speak for the site.

In the last survey, however, Stiftung Warentest criticized the unencrypted data transmission. In the meantime, Finya.de has followed suit, so that the data is only transmitted in encrypted form via SSL. By the way, according to Finya.de, no user data is passed on. According to Stiftung Warentest, the purely free provider also offers a good introduction to the world of online dating.


  • Good partner search
  • Lots of members
  • Warm community
  • Completely free

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eDarling: For demanding singles - overall grade 2.6

eDarling advertises with a promising success rate: 13 million members are looking for their dream partner here. A new couple should get to know each other every five minutes. The matching process is responsible for this: With the help of an extensive personality test, a successful matchmaking process should be made possible.
The users receive many suggestions here, but without a photo and very confusing. Nevertheless, over 13 million members already trust eDarling when looking for a partnership. The portal ensures a "highly confidential" treatment of member data.
While the partner exchange in the Stiftung Warentest 2011 disappointed with "poor" data protection regulations and general terms and conditions, it is convincing today with "very minor" defects in this area. Overall, the portal cut off with a 2.6. For an eDarling Premium membership of three months, around 210 euros are required and the portal is in the middle of the price range of partner exchanges.


  • Good use
  • Very good information and help

Go to eDarling * Detailed test report on Date.de

Single.de: Inadequate data protection - overall rating 2.8

3,000 new members are supposed to look for a partner here every day. That should be the reason why the dating agency is one of the "most popular dating sites in Germany". At least in the test, it actually does not do badly compared to the big ones. Stiftung Warentest positively rates the personal profile design and very good search options.
Single.de advertises with “security, reliability and free of charge” - according to Stiftung Warentest, however, all these promises are made not fulfilled. Here, too, login data is transmitted unencrypted, and there were also problems when deleting the profiles: Two of the five fictitious profiles are still activated despite the deletion request. At 24.90 euros for a three-month membership, it is one of the cheapest dating agencies, but definitely not one of the free ones.


  • Very good search options
  • Good personal profile

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Dating Café: The single exchange for everyone who is no longer 20 - overall grade 3.0

As the advertising slogan suggests, this dating site is aimed at the older generation with an average age of around 39 years. Members pay almost 75 euros for a three-month membership in the Dating Café. The agency convinces with very good search options, exemplary data encryption and there were no problems with termination and profile deletion. With the grade “satisfactory”, the dating portal is in the solid midfield.
Is the Dating Cafe for you? You can test the premium membership for one week free of charge with a copy of your photo ID.


  • Very good search options
  • Good personal profile
  • Exemplary data protection
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Zoosk takes last place- Overall grade 3.5

No partner exchange really disappoints in the test, but there is still a last place and the American dating provider Zoosk occupies it with a quality rating of 3.5.
In terms of partner search, Zoosk is convincing, very good search options and good information on partner offers are rated with a 2.4. A three-month premium membership costs 90 euros.
The disadvantages: The provider has "very clear" shortcomings in terms and conditions and data protection provisions. Some of the information is only available to members in English.


  • Very good search options
  • Smooth registration

Academic Partners and Prestige Singles are no longer active

Both partner exchanges were primarily aimed at academics. The eDarling offshoot "Prestige Singles" had around one million members and was transferred to the eDarling service. These and the singles who have tried their luck with “Academic Partner” now have to look for Elite Partners, because the agencies have stopped their service.

Partner exchange test from 2011

Stiftung Warentest already checked various dating portals in the spring of 2011. Including Parship, LoveScout24 (formerly Friendscout24), Eliteparter, eDarling and Finya.de, which were again examined in 2016. The consumer organization did not look again at Flirtcafe.de, Partner.de, Partnersuche.de and 50plus-Treff. For those who are interested, the 2011 stand

Partner.de: Good price and service

As a low-cost partner exchange (EUR 74.70 for three months), Partner.de makes an overall “passable impression” with the grade “satisfactory”, according to Stiftung Warentest. The help and information area is particularly impressive. And the free version can also be praised, because in contrast to most other portals, users can write and send messages here.
Partner.de guarantees its members transparency, profile control, transparent prices and a secure environment. The site also sells positively in terms of data protection. The Stiftung Warentest sees it differently, which only rates the handling of user data with a 4.5.


  • Good help and information area
  • Lots of options in free mode
  • Lots of partner suggestions

50plus-Treff: User-friendly and inexpensive

The title of this portal “Enjoying life together” makes it clear: This site not only addresses people who are looking for a partner, it is also where leisure partners and friendships can be found. 50plus-Treff is aimed at people aged 45 and over and, at just under 60 euros for three months, is one of the bargains among the agencies. The portal is user-friendly: There are many ways to contact other members. Voluntary authentication by means of a copy of the identity card enables credible profiles. Again, weaknesses in data encryption and deficiencies in the terms and conditions are responsible for the overall rating of "sufficient". According to the company, these deficiencies in the terms and conditions and data protection provisions have been remedied in cooperation with the Bavarian State Office for Data Protection Supervision. Today the portal is completely SSL-encrypted.


  • Low cost
  • Good contact opportunities
  • Credible profiles
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flirtcafe.de: The loser among the partner exchanges: "Grade 5! Bet!"

Stiftung Warentest, however, found the partner exchange www.flirtcafe.de to be “dubious”. The terms of the contract, the handling of user data and the terms and conditions were objected to. In addition, the testers had the impression that many profiles were not authentic. They were not alone with their criticism of Flirtcafé. The consumer center in Hamburg even warned the company about its handling of the right of withdrawal. Many members who had taken out a two-week trial subscription were denied this with a reference to the use of paid services.

So which dating sites can you really trust?

At first glance, it almost looks like you don't have to worry about any of the exchanges tested in 2016. The Zoosk dating agency came in last with an overall grade of 3.5. Nevertheless: Stiftung Warentest had to give a total of five times the grade unsatisfactory. LoveScout24, Neu.de, Finya and Single.de disappoint in terms of data protection and Single.de again in the area of ​​"termination and profile deletion". LoveScout24 has obviously reacted to the criticism and is now sending data in encrypted form.

For the online partner search, we recommend the test winner LoveScout24 with an overall grade of 1.8 and Parship with a grade of 2.3. Parship and LoveScout24 offer the best advice and detailed information. While the reactions of the service centers to inquiries on most portals were disappointing (answers took a long time or did not come at all), Parship and LoveScout advise very well or well.
In terms of data protection, you don't have to worry about either portal, the login data of the members are encrypted through the network.
Another plus point of LoveScout24: If you want to cancel here, you can do so effortlessly with one click in the online account. Parship, on the other hand, insists on a written termination, e.g. via email.


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