What about men's fascination with breasts?

The fascination of breasts - why it delights men so much

It is not only through the media that it is made clear to us that beautiful breasts should be as plump and round as possible - representatives of the male species can also be observed in the wild, on whom large breasts seem to make an obvious impression. But why is that so?

Evolutionary biologists have always been interested in this question, because from a purely evolutionary point of view, the female bosom poses a lot of puzzles. No other female mammal has such a large bust size as a woman. Even the female chimpanzees only have an extremely flat chest, which only swells a little while they are breastfeeding. From a purely biological point of view, it is not necessary for a woman to have large breasts. A small or flat breast is sufficient for breastfeeding. A large breast is also in no way related to fertility or increased milk production. So what do men find so great about large breasts? Is the sexual attraction of the breast purely cultural?

The breast and its sexual attraction

First of all, it must be said that surveys have shown that for most German men, the bust size only plays a subordinate role when choosing a partner. Well-formed breasts are a great attraction for men, but they are seen more as an "additional plus" - a likeable face and a beautiful waist, for example, play a much more decisive role. The trend, which a few years ago went towards large to very large breasts, has recently receded somewhat, so that many German men tend to prefer a "normal-sized" breast again. In 2008, for example, the number of breast reductions performed was higher than that of breast augmentations. What nowadays is often "regulated" through operations, used to have to be influenced by other aids. Because the female bosom was not always subject to the same ideal of beauty in the course of the ages.
While the large-breasted woman was idolized in the Stone Age, the role of the female breast in the ancient Greeks took a back seat to the importance of the phallus. In the Middle Ages it regained importance mainly as a life-giving spring, and in the Renaissance the breasts were eroticized again. In the French Revolution, for example, the bosom was more of a political expression than a symbol of liberation. So history shows that the breasts have always been subject to the respective fashion: sometimes the breasts should be as large as melons, sometimes small and crisp like apples. Throughout the ages, women always tried to adjust their breasts accordingly - lifting devices and tight bodices alternated.

Breasts and other feminine curves

The part of the body that at first glance affects the male world the most is the woman's bottom. Whether big or small is a matter of taste, but one thing plays a decisive role for almost every man - the beautiful roundness. Whether hips, bust or bottom: men love feminine curves. The theory that this is precisely why the breasts, so to speak as the "bottom" on the front, play such a large role in sexual attraction has long existed. However, for some time now there has been an attempt to find a biological explanation for women's breasts, which are unusually round in the animal world.
The anthropologist Gillian Bentley from University College in London put forward the theory that the woman's breasts are so conspicuously rounded because this prevents the infant from suffocating while breastfeeding. While suckling and breathing on a flat chest is difficult for a baby, the roundness of the breasts prevents the nose from being pressed against the chest. In terms of evolutionary biology, Gillian justifies this theory by stating that the human face is "flattened" in the course of development. While the jaw of chimpanzees is pointed forward, the mouth and nose of humans are more or less at the same height. It is therefore no problem for the monkeys to be suckled without problems even on a flat chest. In contrast, the curve helps a human infant to breathe more freely.
Wherever the fascination of the breast comes from - many women want a nice bust size precisely because they notice that it attracts male attention. However, women should not overestimate their breasts, because as already mentioned, beautiful breasts may be part of the male ideal of female beauty, but they play a relatively minor role in comparison to other characteristics. And especially when it comes to choosing a partner.

Author: Anne Bartel, Platinnetz editorial team