How robust are HP laptops

Robust business notebooks from HP

The "EliteBook" series replaces the previous business notebooks from HP, whose model number ended with a "p". The first model of the new elite computers is the "HP EliteBook 6930p". It is held in the increasingly popular 14-inch form factor, the display is available with 1,280 x 800 or 1,440 x 900 pixels. The smaller resolution is also available with LED lighting. HP has not yet announced whether the display is anti-reflective. Since this is the case with the previous p-series, it should also be the case with the EliteBooks.

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HP EliteBook 6930p With the lightweight 37 watt hours battery and a hard drive (up to 250 GB), the device weighs 2.1 kilograms. As an option, batteries with 55 or 95 watt hours are also available, with which the notebook should then achieve a runtime of eight hours. HP has not yet offered an SSD for the EliteBook, the conventional hard drives are already stored in a way that is protected against vibrations.

Magnesium cover A second hard drive of up to 250 GB or various devices from a DVD / CD-R combo drive to a DVD burner with LightScribe to a Blu-ray burner fit into the slot for the optical drive. However, a second battery cannot be used there.

Placement of the connections When it comes to the core components, HP still keeps a low profile and only speaks of Intel's 8000 or 9000 series mobile processors and 4 series mobile chipsets. Intel had postponed the latter for a short time, but HP should mean the GM45 with integrated graphics or the PM45 for external graphics processors. As such, the EliteBook is also available with a Radeon HD3650 from AMD. This makes it one of the few devices available with a discrete DirectX 10 GPU and docking station.

This is also necessary if you want to connect a monitor digitally via DVI. There is only one VGA output on the 6930p itself, the remaining interfaces correspond to the standard with three USB 2.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet, Firewire, 56k modem, analog audio and ExpressCard. The 2-megapixel webcam is unusual for a business notebook, and the reader for SD cards is also not found everywhere in this device class.

The EliteBook goes wireless into the network via 802.11a / b / g and Draft-n as well as an optional HSDPA module. Fingerprint reader and a module according to TPM 1.2 for Trusted Computing as well as up to 8 GByte DDR2-800-DRAM complete the professional claim.

The case is partly made of a magnesium alloy, the palm rests are made from HP's own plastic called "DuraFinish", which is said to be particularly abrasion-resistant. The keyboard and the entire case are splash-proof, but cannot withstand prolonged use in the pouring rain. During transport, for example in the car, the EliteBook is quite robust: the device should withstand temperatures from minus 29 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees plus.

HP has not yet named a price for the hardened computer; it will only come onto the market in Germany in September 2008. In addition, the company also presented new devices from the Compaq 6800, 6700 and 6500 series, the latter based on AMD's Turion Ultra platform, the rest on Intel's Centrino 2.