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Who is Deadpool?

At the February 12, 2016 starts the comic adaptation Deadpool in German cinemas. Ryan Reynolds slips into the latex costume of the mercenary with the big mouth: Wade Wilson a.k.a. Deadpool.

But who is this Deadpool anyway?

Similar to Mutant and X-Man Wolverine Deadpool can heal itself - no matter how severe its injuries are. That makes him an almost immortal plague for his enemies, but also friends.

Deadpool is also known to be consistent the fourth wall to break through to its readers. In most of the stories the anti-hero is aware of that he's a cartoon character and uses this as a narrative tool.

Deadpool's comic origins

Because of Deadpools more diversePersonality disorders and amnesia there is no uniform origin story.

Depending on the version, Wade Wilson is Canadian or American as well as an orphan boy or the Murderer of his own parents. There is also a theory that Deadpool killed the real Wade Wilson and took over its identity.

He got his self-healing abilities through the same "Weapon X" program, that for Wolverines Adamantium claws is responsible. Because of his life threatening cancer Wilson decided to take part in the top secret program because he was promised a cure.

Depending on the narrative variant, either the cancer or a fire in the military installation is from Weapon X for Wade Wilsons Scars all over the body responsible.

However, all versions of his background story lead to a fairly uniform starting position: Deadpool is neither one superhero another classic one Villain or a mutant like the X-Men.

Rather, he is a Anti-hero, who finds his way through with good luck with commissioned work and thereby the ways of the Avengers, X-Men and other Marvel cartoon characters crosses.

What are Deadpool's skills?

Before the Weapon X program, Deadpool had no superpowers whatsoever. Because of his military training, he has always been in the Use with firearms and stabbing weapons practiced. Wilson prefers to use his two Katana swords as various firearms.

The military experiment, which Wolverine's regeneration abilities should copy, Wade Wilson ultimately brought his self-healing factor - but at the expense of himself sanity.

While Deadpool was enjoying his cheeky mouth and not in great sanity even before the program, both worried cancer as well as his self-healing for his mind completely saying goodbye.

Deadpool's madness is especially evident in that humor his comics as well as the Break through the fourth wall out.

As one of the few comic characters he is aware of his existence as a fictional anti-hero, which is often reflected in wonderful situations.

Wolverine's self-healing factor also brings Wilson immunity against all diseases, poisons as well as telephatic attacks and makes him almost immortal.

Who are Deadpool's allies?

Time traveling mutants, Hydra agents and the death personal: The mercenary with the big mouth has numerous brothers in arms within the Marvel comic universe - with whom he gets along more or less well.

How do you know Deadpool?

Even before his own solo film, the mercenary aroused with the big mouth outside of the Marvel Comic Universe for a stir. You might have run into Wade Wilson in the following three examples:

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Hushed up by comic fans, panned by critics: Ryan Reynolds slipped into the black and red latex for the first Wolverine solo project.

The portrayal of Deadpool in this film was so different from its comic roots that comic book enthusiasts went to the barricades.

Hulk vs. Wolverine

When the toughest mutant of the X-Men takes on the Hulk, of course Deadpool has to get involved too.

As the henchman of the antagonist Professor Thorton, he gets on the nerves of all the superheroes and villains involved.

Deadpool - The Video Game

Deadpool's big appearance in the world of video games is full of prime examples of breaking the fourth wall: After all, Wilson not only blackmailed the real developers of Highmoon Studios, but also chats with his own voice actor Nolan North.

Deadpool's big screen debut

Directed by Tim Miller makes Deadpool from the February 11, 2016 the German cinema halls unsafe. Ryan Reynolds will portray the mercenary with the big mouth for the second time after a brief appearance in Wolverine.

The movie tells an origin story very similar to the comics and is also known allies like Vanessa Carlisle / Copycat (Morena Baccarin), Blind Al (Leslie Uggams) and Weasel (T.J. Miller) on the canvas.

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