What are some interesting facts about telecommunications

Unnecessary knowledge: 25 bizarre facts about the Internet

There are plenty of interesting facts about the Internet - COMPUTER BILD presents 25 of them.

The World Wide Web is made up of numerous little secrets and anecdotes. You don't know what the content of the first email you ever sent was? Doesn't matter, the sender himself no longer either. With these and other facts, you can easily make your friends heard. COMPUTER BILD has selected 25 entertaining facts for you - you are guaranteed not to forget them anytime soon.

25 Whimsical Facts About The Internet

Finds from the depths of the internet

Behind many facts that often seem unimportant are true historical web finds: The first tweet from Twitter inventor Jack Dorsey gave the go-ahead for one of the largest social networks of all. The first uploaded YouTube clip from 2005 also seems insignificant at first, but nine years later the platform has become an indispensable part of everyday life. Just recently, a video broke the record with over two billion clicks - you can find out which one is in the overview. It is also worth taking a look at the first homepage ever built, because it is actually still online.