There are street parades in Edmonton, Canada

Canadian city calls for raves to be banned

We have often reported that more and more raves, regardless of whether they are legal or illegal, are being held around the world and are causing a stir. Edmonton City Council has now issued a report that can be viewed online, calling for the Canadian city's business license to be changed to ban so-called "raves" or electronic music or dance parties.

The reason for such a ban are several drug-related incidents in which young people were harmed. The city sees the events as an additional and avoidable burden for the emergency services and expresses a concern about public safety. Specifically, it is about a festival in February with around 5000 people, 18 of whom had to be treated by a doctor. A spokeswoman for the Sexual Assault Center of Edmonton (SACE) also reported that the crisis hotline received significantly more calls than normal during the event. For the city council, dances and raves mean more problems and “widespread drug use”.

A local DJ commented on the demand, saying that he believes that there is no general ban on just one particular genre of music and that, as a result, a cultural part would simply be marginalized. Shelby Young, the founder of harm reduction company Indigo Harm Reduction, also said in an interview with CBC News that people will likely continue to use drugs even without raves and events and that the measure is fundamentally a wrong approach. We see that too.
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