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TV Horror Guide (May 21-27, 21)

The history of horror films is a story full of misunderstandings. Who knew better than Drew Barrymore in SCREAM, who believed Jason Vorhees killed all the teenagers in FRIDAY THE 13TH and paid with his life for their ignorance.

The chances are good that it won't get that far for you, but we still want to prevent you from having a skip in the next discussion and to clear up some popular misunderstandings that have grown up around horror films and the trappings.

TV stations cut short all horror films at random

Not correct. Like retailers, TV broadcasters are bound by laws. It is true that in individual cases it cannot be ruled out that a broadcaster may run an already shortened version, e.g. because it fits very well into the program, but common sense tells us that Pro 7, Tele5 and the like have no personal interest in censorship measures.
The fact is that no films from FSK12 onwards are allowed to be shown before 8 p.m., none from FSK 16 before 10 p.m. and no films from 18 onwards before 11 p.m. ... unless they are shortened.
Conversely, it also means that there is no reason to cut a strip “from 6 p.m.” after 11 p.m.


This is Cutter, the guy who cuts all of your favorite films on TV ... just because he feels like it

Actors and directors are filthy rich and their lives are made of glamor

If you're George Clooney or “The Rock” Johnson, that's true and you can certainly earn quite well in the German A-tier too. But just as not every football player gets the salary of a Ronaldo, not every county class actor has a money bank either. Apparently only 2% of all actors can make a living from acting.
If you are in the indie sector, it is even more difficult and horror films in particular are rarely big budget works anyway.
Some work is done without a fee, and even if some supposedly established "stars" pretend that the next star on the walk on fame is reserved for them, they still live in their mother's back room at an advanced age, have normal jobs or are on Hartz 4 instructed. On the other hand, that speaks for a lot of idealism, but unfortunately not for glamor.

Source: cameronstiehl.com


There has never been a remake of BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and none is planned. After BLAIR WITCH PROJECT from 1999, BLAIR WITCH 2 followed just one year later and BLAIR WITCH in 2016.
It's not just the numbering that can get confusing. Since in BLAIR WITCH the background of the witch is enumerated again for all those who do not know the original and otherwise you do not shine with fresh ideas, the suspicion is that this is a pure remake.
On the other hand, it is made clear in the film that the main character is looking for his sister, who disappeared 20 years ago, namely in BLAIR WITCH PROJECT.
The actual second part, i.e. BLAIR WITCH 2, is left out.

There are forbidden films!

Put simply: wrong. At least not when we're talking about regular horror films (and not child porn, for example). The worst that can happen to a film is usually a confiscation and this means that the film can no longer be sold. Anyone who has a copy at home can keep it and continue to view it in private.

Never “forbidden”, but “confiscated” for a long time, now “from 16”: DANCE OF THE DEVIL

There is a remake for CARRIE
True, but there is more than one remake. According to Sissy Spacek (1976), not only did Chloe Grace Moretz play the unusual outsider in 2013, but it is often forgotten that Angela Bettis also slipped into this role in 2002.

Children in horror films are scared to death on set

In individual cases, of course, this cannot be ruled out and in the making of of BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA you can see a little girl who was very afraid of the vampire teeth. But one should not forget that what we see at home or in the cinema cannot be compared to a film set. There is my suspense music, you can see how the mask is put on the monster (if there is a monster at all thanks to computer technology) or the scenes of child and killer are shot separately and only put together when cutting.
On the other hand, it is true that child actors also have to grow up in order to legally see their finished films.

THE THING - Remakes, Sequels and Prequels

The film THE THING from 2011 was referred to more than a few times as a sequel or remake of the cult classic THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD (which, to make matters worse, is also called THE THING in the original) from 1982. However, this is itself the remake of a film from 1951, which was again shown in Germany as DAS DING FROM ANOTHER WORLD and in the original as THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD. So where does the film from 2011 fit in here? In the end, quite simple, he tells the story behind John Carpenter's film of 82.

51 = original, 82 = remake, 11 = prequel for the remake

THE CLOWN is by Eli Roth

Also often claimed, also wrong: Yes, Roth was a producer, but not a director. The fact that the film cover suggests something else is a common fraud, which was also used, for example, for MICHAEL BAYASS TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (director Marcus Nispel) and ALEXANDRE AJAS MANIAC (director Franck Khalfoun).

CLOWN - Director: Jon Watts

The fact that stars take money for autographs and photos at conventions is a rip-off

You can certainly argue about whether as a fan you want to spend money on an autograph, because let's be honest, it's nothing more than love for sale. But don't believe that Robert Englund, Danielle Harris or Tony Todd travel to Europe just for fun and shake hands. They do it for money and no matter which organizer pays them the fee, flight and luxury hotel, they don't want to add anything.
It may seem exaggerated that in addition to the entrance fee, you also pay 20-50 € for an autograph and for a photo together again the same, but you should also take into account that a first-class flight (often with an escort), a good hotel room and at least a four-digit guarantee want to be paid for first.

The organizers of Cons can't help it when stars cancel

Let's stay a moment longer with the conventions: While some fans are overly critical, others literally beg for windy businessmen to pull the money out of their pockets. The organizer is protected even if half of the promised stars are canceled and replaced by cheaper guests.
Yes, cancellations can occur in individual cases, but serious organizers manage to bring most of their star guests to the venue.

... and how was that with Jason Vorhees?

Just in case you missed SCREAM and got mixed up with the multitude of FRIDAY THE 13th films: In Part 1 of the series, Jason only has a mini-appearance. The majority of the murders were carried out by his mother, Pamela.

Pamela Vorhees

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