Is Gainesville Florida dangerous

dangerous / poisonous animals in Fl especially for children !!!!


So when I dealt with the wildlife of the USA, it helped me to find out more about animal behavior.

So the animals you met were probably not crocodiles, but alligators. These are usually not aggressive, but you should keep a distance of about 3 meters and not stand between mother and her boy.

Rattlesnakes only bite when they think they have to defend themselves. So when going for a walk you should just look where you are stepping.

Stingrays don't exist in every season. And I also found information on precautionary measures in a hotel on a section of the beach with a risk of stingrays. On vacation I was warned several times about a stingray in the water by others who were also there on the beach.

Mammals and also the cute squirrels transmit rabies when they are infected themselves. So it's better to look at them from a distance than to try to be eaten out of your hand by them.

Black widows are most likely to prey on (dingy) toilets and in those places where the probability of catching insects is greatest. You just have to take a quick look before you settle down. I've never seen one in 10 vacations in the USA.

There are always some kind of accidents and other dangers for a small child and for us adults, but the dangers from poisonous and dangerous animals are low because, firstly, you are not attacked by an animal from behind at every corner and, secondly, because you are not attacked by an animal from behind can find out where and under what circumstances these can be dangerous and how one should behave.

Think of it this way: Some people look their eyes out of their heads to see such an interesting animal, me for example. Apart from the unmistakable alligators in Florida, I have unfortunately only rarely seen one of the animals that you have listed here in the USA.

Have fun in Florida and best regards