What is your favorite garden

10 wonderful ideas for your favorite garden

Have you already found the house of your dreams? Then let's make sure together that your garden is as comfortable and beautiful as possible. We rummaged through the examples from the Homify experts and put together some great ideas again.

1. Cozy sitting area in the garden corner

The brickwork encompasses the garden and protects the residents from prying eyes - and looks great at the same time. The shady corner in the back of the garden is perfect for a nice group with deck chairs.

2. Jacuzzi under a pergola

On non-working days, a nice pool or jacuzzi is just what you need. And the? Well, we could actually have that in our garden too, right? All we need for this is the right connections and a location where it cannot be protected. Today's models can usually be closed with a lid.

3. Curved garden paths

It has park-like features! Such paving stones in a reddish tone contrast wonderfully with the green lawn and the garden plants that are on this hillside property. Slightly higher lying lawn curbs ensure that no weeds can grow in the way.

4. Summer kitchen all in white

This beautiful outdoor kitchen in a patio is radiantly bright and fun-loving. The basis is formed by fence elements with wide wooden planks that were previously painted in white. While the actual kitchen is on one right side, the residents can take a seat on the left side. A tree in the middle provides a little shade on hot days.

5. Small pool in the back yard

Although this pool is in the open air, the design makes it look like it is in the middle of the building. Because it is surrounded by walls on several sides - and the residents are protected from cold winds.

6. Elegant landscaping

If you commission a professional landscaping specialist, it is usually the case that nothing remains unplanned on this property. Once implemented, this has the advantage that the entire garden appears in a uniform image. And later you are largely carefree.

7. Wonderful pond landscape

The garden design becomes a little more difficult if we want to integrate a pond or if one is already on the property. Then it helps to bring an expert on board who is familiar with the design of such waters. Once a new pond has been created, you have to give it a few years until the aquatic plants have taken hold and grow and bloom with all their might. Then some frogs and other small animals join the water.

8. Fence with concrete modules

Today's market offers a wide variety of colors and materials for fencing a property. In addition to metal and wood, concrete elements are also increasingly found in retail. And the green hedge is still an evergreen. In the end, it is a question of your own style what kind of fence we want to ask, whether it should only protect privacy or also be a real design element.

9. Like in vacation paradise

You could use a certain holiday mood all year round? Well, we don't know whether we can grant you this wish in winter. But in summer that could be arranged with such a pavilion. The building, with its thatched roof and white curtains, goes beautifully with the wooden floor and the partly tropical plants. Tip: don't forget the lighting! Then the place gets even more of its charm in the evening.

10. Creativity or classic design?

Many of us love to rummage through magazines for new garden ideas or to try out the latest seating groups in specialist stores. But watch out: not everything that is trendy and appears creative is also practical. Our tip in that case: never make hasty decisions. Once we have seen a great designer piece, we first look for reviews on the web or consider how and where it would actually fit in our garden. Better to sleep one night longer. This protects against nasty surprises.

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