What are some frightening facts about spiders

30 terrifying facts I just couldn't get out of my head

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There is something called "spider rain". And yes, it is exactly what you think.

Translated from a post by Sumedha Bharpilania.

The other day u / slayeris471 asked on Reddit what are funny facts that are actually not funny at all. The community immediately responded with things that were amazing but also just plain scary.

Warning: some of these things are not for the faint of heart.

1. "The seats on the bus were designed so that you can't see how dirty they really are."

- SmallAndScarred

Well, where is the dirt? © IMAGO / agefotostock

2. “There is a whale called 52 Blue and only sings on this frequency (52 Hertz), which means that it cannot communicate with other whales. He was baptized 'the loneliest whale on the planet'. "

- TheLegendaryJet

Another fact: The song "Whalien 52" by the K-Pop group BTS is about this lonely whale. © jamesteoh1976 via www.imago-images.de

3. “Your organs will move back into place by themselves. During operations, doctors don't have to worry (too much) about where to put the organs back. "

- H010CR0N

4. “There are eight American and an unknown number of Soviet nuclear weapons, none of which have any idea where they are. These include warheads and suitcase bombs. "

- seanprefect

5. “A particular species of frogfish reproduces by the male fish digging into the side of the female, which ultimately causes them to grow together. The male dies in the process. "

- Allceleatial

Anyone wondering how many babies they will have to make up for that? © imageBROKER / Detlef Denne via www.imago-images.de

6. “The reason you should see a doctor if your erection lasts longer than four hours is because priapism can lead to gangrene in the penis. Blood goes in, deoxygenates, and then doesn't come out. This means that no new, oxygen-rich blood can come in, causing the tissue to turn black and die. But don't worry too much, the whole thing can be treated with a syringe that pulls the trapped blood out again. "

- boopbaboop

7. "When you get sunburned, it is actually your cells that die off so they don't become tumorous."

- SoulsAndSandals

Always apply lotion! © xNakedkingx IMAGO / Panthermedia

8. "If you eat a polar bear's liver, you die because your body cannot process so much vitamin A."

- gangbangkang

Please don't eat. © xblickwinkel / AGAMI / R.xdexHaasx

9. "Every year in Germany around 12 million tons of food end up in the garbage."

- citizenfaith01

10. “There is a mysterious disease called 'English sweat' that has struck several small epidemics in different eras of modernity.

She was incredibly contagious and had an average death rate of at least 50 percent. The course began with an ominous feeling of oppression, followed by severe pain in the neck and a feeling of dizziness. Symptoms suddenly stopped and instead people began to sweat profusely, fantasize and get severe headaches. Finally, the person felt the urgent need to get some sleep, which then usually ended fatally. "

We know almost nothing about the disease or how it spread - only that infected people either survived or were dead within 24 hours. There are horror stories of people leaving to hunt and returning the same day only to see almost everyone in town died from it.

The worst part was that nobody became immune to the disease. You could get it once, survive it, and then get sick and die again a few days later. It was horrific and we don't know why it died out and whether the disease will ever come back. "

- OverchargeRdt

11. “Rabies is so scary. You can get them from bats that live all over the world and don't even know it. It can break out immediately or in three years. But it doesn't really matter, because as soon as the symptoms set in, you are actually already dead. "

- SaugaCharlesChen

Bat © IMAGO / Nature Picture Library

12. "According to the FBI, there are between 25-50 active serial killers in the US at any given time."

- ScotchBender

13. “There is a (genetic) disease called FOP (Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva) in which your muscles and tissues slowly turn into bones. It is often called 'human statue disease'. "

- mortokes

A very frightening disease. © IMAGO / Westend61

14. “In ancient Rome, urine was used to bleach teeth and clothes. Yes, you read that right: They rinsed their mouths with human AND animal urine. "

- The_genealogist

15. "In the US, most power outages are caused by squirrels."

- HunterSeparate651

Hopefully nothing will happen to them ... © xMartinxGruberx / imago

16. "There is a phenomenon called spider rain (yes, you read that right) and it occurs quite normally in nature."

- MachuPicchu1232

17. "In people who suffer from an extreme case of scurvy, ALL old wounds open again."

- Hell_If_I_Care

18. "The blue-ringed octopus that lives in the Pacific may look cute and innocent, but with a single, painless sting, it can release enough venom to kill 25 adult men."

- iwastoldnottogohere

You don't want to meet them either ... © IMAGO / Design Pics

19. "Cute, little, fluffy sea otters have been known to rape baby seals to death."

- EndoShota

I never want to see her again ... © IMAGO / Cavan Images

20. “There is a plant in Australia called Gympie-Gympie. Her sting is so painful that there was one case where a horse ran into her and then threw itself off a cliff because it couldn't stand the pain. "

- ottersintuxedos

21. "If you are an identical twin, it is possible that the identity of you and your twin has been switched and your parents never noticed."

- m00n-b4b3

22. "The reason dogs love squeaky toys is because they sound like small animals when they die."

- hux_square

23. "The maximum number of cockroaches that go into coffee is not 0. Because it is simply impossible to keep them out completely."

- jjonesdagreat

24. “The youngest person to have a child is a five-year-old girl.

- OkBanana5047

25. "Many of the symptoms associated with migraines also occur with strokes."

- InkMaster59

26. "If hamsters are too stressed, they can eat their children."

- Sea_dog123

That's creepy. © xblickwinkel / M.xWoikex / imago

27. “Climbing Mount Everest costs many people their lives: 6.5 percent of them die.

Worse still, your body will likely stay there. There are currently around 200 dead on Mount Everest who cannot be recovered and now serve as a warning to other mountaineers. Actually not a bad place to find eternal peace - but rather sad for the people who cannot give you a proper burial. "

- erinxeddie

A beautiful but dangerous mountain © xSunilxSharmax / IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

28. "Some perfumes, especially those of men, come from the anal and secretory glands of musk deer and civet cats."

- Lethalkittyboss

29. "The customer service representatives in live chats can see what you are typing before you have sent it so that they can respond quickly."

I prefer to formulate my question in a different window ... © IMAGO / Cavan Images

- Proactivealex

30. "Most people's idea of ​​blobfish is wrong."

"Merchandise and cartoons are modeled on a dead blobfish, and even their name comes from the sight."

- loryhasreddit

A big thank you goes out to Ask Reddit.

What fun facts do you know that are actually pretty terrible? Please write ‘them in the comments.

Some answers have been shortened and / or edited for the sake of clarity.