How is garlic good for your skin

This is how garlic works against pimples

Garlic is a proven home remedy for pimples, because the ingredients of the medicinal plant have an antiseptic effect. You can find out here how you can use garlic against pimples and what to consider during treatment.

Garlic: Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

Those who want to treat blemished skin naturally can use garlic for pimples. The medicinal plant contains sulphurous alliin, which is converted into allicin in contact with enzymes. The substance is created as soon as the pulp of the garlic clove is damaged. Allicin has an antibacterial effect and can be used both prophylactically and to treat existing pimples.

In general, a diet with lots of fresh garlic can reduce inflammation processes in the body. This not only strengthens the immune system, pimples and pustules in connection with acne also subside more quickly and the complexion is sustainably improved. If you not only want to prevent but also actively combat pimples, you can try the following trick.

Treating pimples with garlic: here's how

If you want to use garlic against pimples on the skin, divide a clove of garlic, remove the peel and cut the clove in half lengthways. The active ingredient allicin now forms on the cut surfaces. Gently rub the clove of garlic over the pimple so that the juice covers the affected area of ​​skin. Once the liquid has dried, cut a thin slice from the garlic. Repeat the treatment with the newly created cut surface. Alternatively, simply drizzle a cotton ball with the garlic juice that comes out.

The more you use garlic for pimples, the faster and more reliably the home remedy works. Several treatments spread over the day are ideal. As a preventive measure, you can rub the juice of the garlic clove into clean skin areas on the face or, for example, on the back, as the website "" provides.

Bad smell? Just wash it off

Basically, garlic is odorless. The intense fragrances are only released when the garlic clove is cut or pressed. If you are bothered by the smell of garlic juice on your skin, you can simply wash off the affected areas with lukewarm water after the juice has acted for ten minutes.

However, if you can bear the smell, you should be prepared for a longer treatment time: As the beauty blogger Farah Dhukai explains to the "" portal, particularly stubborn blackheads can be made to disappear if the garlic juice can act all night.