Which companies have wellness programs

Management survey: Benefits in times of crisis - what new companies are offering

In times of crisis, most companies have little opportunity for salary increases due to the tense economic situation. However, Robert Half's 2021 salary overview shows that many employers are betting on offering attractive and tailor-made benefits: 60 percent of the managers surveyed said they had introduced new additional benefits for their employees since the beginning of the crisis.

Appreciation is particularly important in times of crisis. It helps to motivate employees in the long term, to retain them and to be attractive to potential candidates,

says Sven Hennige, Senior Managing Director Central Europe & France at Robert Half. Appreciation is also and especially expressed through the amount of the salary, but in the long run that will not be enough to convince employees with key qualifications of the company in the long term. Hennige advises employers to check their current benefits now and to assess whether they are still up to date and meet the needs of the employees.

New benefits: from grants for home office to wellness programs

40 percent of the companies surveyed have recently started offering their workforce additional vacation days for family reasons. Just as many give grants for home office equipment. 39 percent of employers have put in place programs to manage stress and promote mental health, such as yoga or meditation. In addition, 30 percent of companies support non-workplace childcare. A further 21 percent of the companies have offered wellness programs as an additional benefit since the beginning of the crisis. In the next year, twelve percent of the study participants want to offer their employees company bicycles. In contrast, company cars or public transport tickets are becoming less attractive, according to the study.

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Employers need to communicate their benefits louder

However, according to Christian Umbs, Managing Director at Robert Half, companies are often too cautious, both internally and externally, when it comes to communicating their additional services. Umbs recommends that anyone who has a broad and attractive portfolio of additional services should also communicate it in an eye-catching manner. Managers should use employee appraisals, pulse surveys or the intranet for this. In order to also reach external candidates, your own social media channels, the company's career website or job advertisements are the best options.

The 2010 salary overview can be requested> here for download.