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Zaporizhia State Medical University

Zaporizhia State Medical University

The Zaporizhia State Medical University is located in the southern Ukrainian city of Odessa. Then it was moved to the city of Zaporizhia in 1959. Zaporizhia State Medical University was founded in 1903 and converted to the Institute of Pharmacology and then an Institute of Medical Sciences in 1969, and the university achieved state university status in 1994

There are currently about 5441 students studying at the Zaporizhia State Medical University, most of them foreigners and from different countries around the world. The university has graduated over 30,000 students from around the world. The university also includes an institute for human diseases and a scientific research institute for medical and environmental issues. The university also has five buildings in which living space is available. The university houses more than 2,900 students, a library with more than 580,000 books as well as a concert hall, gyms, a football and basketball court and many other activities as well as a fitness club. . We will get to know all the details on the website Ran Ukraine

How can a student enroll to study at Zaporizhia State Medical University?

  • First An invitation to study at Zaporizhia State Medical University must be obtained and the student must send all documents and certificates received from the student and send them to the university's email address.
  • Second The visa must be obtained, and after receiving the invitation, the student must go to the Ukrainian embassy in their country to obtain the visa to enter the Ukrainian territory
  • third The student has to prepare some papers while he is going to present at the embassy. These papers are:
  • Preparation of the high school diploma acquired by the student
  • He must bring the original copy of the invitation sent to him by the Zaporizhia State Medical University
  • He brings a birth certificate that has been translated and certified into the Ukrainian language
  • He must provide a health certificate stating that he is free from all diseases and that has been translated into the Ukrainian language
  • A bank statement must be provided to demonstrate the student's ability to pay the tuition fees
  • That it comes with a round-trip ticket is valid for one year
  • He must bring 6 personal photos
  • He should take part in an AIDS test, which must be negative for approval and which does not last longer than two months
  • Fourth After receiving the entry visa, the student must contact the institution associated with him and inform him of the place and time of the student's arrival in Ukraine in order to send him one of the officials to meet him at the airport and find accommodation for ensures it and stays with the student until the end of the registration process at the university 5
  • Fifth : If the student is not informed of the date of his arrival, the Ukrainian authorities will not allow him to enter the Ukrainian territory

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Zaporizhia State Medical University in terms of university accommodation

Ukrainian universities have set up university apartments for students on or near the university campus to save students time and effort. University accommodation at Zaporizhia State Medical University has all the services the students need, including a bed, library, and the Internet. Students can also choose the room that suits them, regardless of whether it is double or single. The prices vary depending on the selected room. Room rates range from $ 150 to $ 250 per month.

Students should book university accommodation quickly as it is very limited. The university also allows students who have not been able to reserve university accommodation to live outside the university and rent apartments. Hence, students are looking for two or one bedroom apartments, and apartment prices range from $ 550 per month if a room has a rental price of $ 95, and the university allows students who have not received university accommodation to come with either living with the family when they were in Ukraine to complete their studies in Ukraine

What are the specialties of the Ukrainian State Medical University of Zaporizhia?

  • First: specializing in general medicine. The student can study general medicine in both Russian and English, and the student in the preparatory or qualification year can choose the language in which he wishes to graduate, and in that year the student will be taught the terminology of the specialization he is in who wants to study the language chosen by the student
  • Second: the specialty of medical laboratories is taught only in Russian, and it is here that the preparatory year student has to learn the Russian language
  • Third, specialization in dentistry, where the student needs knowledge of Russian and English
  • Fourth, postgraduate studies where the student only needs to speak the Russian language
  • Fifth, the specialty of pharmacy is taught in either Russian or English. In this specialization, the student also chooses the language in which the student wishes to complete their studies
  • Sixth: The preparatory college there only teaches in Russian

What is the preparatory year and its cost at Zaporizhia State Medical University

It is the year that the student is ready to choose the specialization that the student wants to complete, as well as the language that he wants to study in the university, be it Russian or English, and this year the language will be good learned, and all the terms that the student needs for his specialization and after completing the preparatory year are studied. The student receives the diploma for the preparatory year, and then the student specializes in the college they want to specialize in and graduate from the college

What are the preparatory year tuition fees at Zaporizhia State Medical University?

  • English-language prep year tuition fees are $ 2,650, including housing, health insurance, and housing
  • The preparatory year fees in Russian are US $ 2,500, including housing, lodging, and health insurance

In this article, we showed you everything related to studying at the Zaporizhia State Medical University. We also showed you how to apply and live at the university and what specializations there are on our website Ran Ukraine, you can find out about everything related to Zaporizhia State Medical University and we are always happy about inquiries for you.