How long should I spend in Legoland

Today I have the last holiday post for you. This post is the one with the most pictures of all time (... my blog). * cough * I just find it too difficult to sort out pictures. Because somehow I want to show you every detail ... take you on a virtual journey - in this case through that Legoland Billund.

After we left Houstrup, we went on to Billdund to spend two days in Legoland. That should be the highlight of our vacation. =)

Have fun with our Legoland weekend in pictures!

As I wrote last year, you get over Schultz Feriehuse 20% discount on entry to Legoland. Definitely worth it for a day visit there.

This time, however, we spent two days at Legoland and are in one of the Wild west cabins in the Legoland Holiday Village got under.

(What you see in the background in one of the photos above is Lalandia. We weren't there, however. This Aquadome is located right next to the Legoland Village. You could therefore combine a visit there with a visit to Legoland, if you like.)


The Wild West hut was really cozy. We immediately felt at home. Everything is quite small and clearly arranged, but everything is available that you need for 1-2 nights: a bathroom with toilet and shower, a refrigerator, a hotplate, crockery, cutlery, a television and much more.

We unpacked our things for the next two days, prepared everything for the night there and then set off for Legoland around noon.

(Legoland is within walking distance from the Holiday Village.)

Lillis and Lotte's anticipation was huge!

They beamed up over both ears. =)

As soon as we were inside, the first attraction was immediately targeted.

With small steerable boats we passed many well-known sights that have been built from Lego.

Then we walked through the colorful Lego area.

I always find it fascinating and wonder how many people built all this with how many stones in how many hours.

Then we drove a lap with the monorail.

Since we got up early that day and had already done a 1.5-hour drive as well as packing and unpacking, we had a good lunch afterwards.

One of our favorite attractions in Legoland is a second boat ride, where you have a lot to look at.

And in the middle it goes through a great cave, in which there is even more to marvel at.

Just great!

Of course we also strolled around Legoland a bit like that.

We had to find our way around first. =)

While walking you will come across ingenious Lego buildings again and again.

By the way, we were totally lucky with the weather.

In the days before it had rained a little again and again. But it was really summery on the Legoland weekend. At the same time the park was not overcrowded. We found the timing to be perfect. =)

Actually, I always steer clear of fairground booths.

But somehow that was also part of the vacation. And so Micha and Lilli actually won a few cozy prizes. =)

There is also a new Lego Friends area near the entrance.

That's what you'd like to take home with you, right?

This year we visited the big Lego shop for the first time.

The selection of Lego products is gigantic. And you can even put together the desired quantities of stones in the desired stone colors ... or combine Lego figures according to your own ideas.

After a long day we went back to our hut.

We got the children ready for bed and had dinner.

(There was only leftovers for dinner. Since we were only staying in Billund for one night, we hadn't bought anything more. So the dinner was very extravagant * laughs *.)

The ritual before going to sleep must be the same for Lilli and Lotte.

Change clothes, eat dinner, get books read aloud, listen to radio plays.

(Incidentally, we always play the radio plays on our mobile phones when we are on vacation. That is pretty practical.)

The two mice were really exhausted and slept very well - even if Lotte secretly crawled into Micha's bed in the middle of the night.

Our breakfast was an extensive buffet Pirate restaurant in Legoland Village.

There children even have the opportunity to bake their own pancakes
There was really everything your heart desires. =)


After breakfast we packed everything up, left the Wild West hut, reparked our car and walked back to Legoland.

On this day we were already there when the park was still closed and a short time later we were one of the first guests.

That day we did all the attractions that we hadn't done the day before.

This included a ride on the small Lego train.

We also took the small boats around for a while.

By the way, Lotte discovered her passion for large drinking bottles while on vacation. =)

Micha and I each treated ourselves to a ride on the Polar Express.

The track is really cool and full of surprises.

If we stood in line for a while in between, Lotte was really cuddly. =)

In between there was another ice cream.

In addition, Lilli and Lotte Gold were allowed to seven.

Contrary to expectations, Lotte had more vigor than Lilli.

The earned gold medal was then admired with new and dry clothes. =)

We visited a few other small attractions.

Incidentally, Lilli and Lotte are currently becoming a real dream team.

You can tell that Lilli can finally do more with Lotte. Now, despite a lot of quarreling, they behave like real heart and soul sisters from time to time. =)

On the second day we didn't stay that long because we were quite exhausted and our health was a bit poor. We also had a 2 hour drive home (plus unpacking etc.) infront of us.

But of course a trip to the observation tower was still possible in the end. =)

The Legoland is really great. We will definitely not be there for the last time.

Micha and I have also considered spending a weekend there one day, independent of a vacation in Denmark. It was really very nice. Especially for the kids. =)


And with that I actually managed to take you virtually through our entire vacation. I hope you enjoyed it.

Have you ever been to Legoland?
What did you like best there?

I wish you a nice evening,

your Mari =)