How did you destroy yourself

Thank you for destroying me cause now I am a whole woman

Thank you for destroying me so that I was able to see the gold under my skin. There is a tradition in Japan where they use gold to repair broken pottery to make the places where it was broken stronger and more beautiful than ever. This method is called Kintsugi.

Because of the broken pieces you left inside of me, I was able to see both my self-worth and exactly what I deserved. I only deserve the best and that's why I was able to heal myself with the gold in my heart and become the person I am today.

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I am unique now, my wounds shine and give me strength. I learned that wounds are not a burden, not a punishment, but a blessing because they made me a better person.

You knew right from the start how intensely I can love.

You knew this all along and yet you made up your mind to forget about it. My love is so strong that I very often have to warn people about the ocean that rages within me. My love is too great for someone who is too weak to deal with.

This is a message to the person who finally destroyed me

I don't hate you because I don't understand the word hate. I don't blame you for not knowing the meaning of that word either. Instead, I thank you and appreciate you so much.

In the darkness you left me in, I realized that the sun was shining in my chest. Every time you left me destroyed, I realized that a fire burned inside me. I learned that I could rise from my own ashes like that Phoenix.

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There were times when you couldn't love yourself so you made up your mind to hurt me. Seeing me on the ground gave you courage and self-satisfaction, but my dear, this is just an entertaining trick, you will remain weak and poor because you live on the strength of others and cannot find your own.

You wanted to humiliate me for your own benefit and I was able to feel your pain, but I decided to love you anyway.

Your words were like arrows that pierced my soul and made me bleed. Your brokenness made me feel worthless, but I still wanted to wipe my tears away and give you another chance.

I gave you all my love that I could give and in those moments I forgot to love myself. Because that fact that I loved a broken person left me hurt.

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I lay on the floor with tears in my eyes only to find that you weren't there to comfort me as I had comforted you. It is only when a person is rejected and lonely that he realizes that he can only rely on himself.

But now I thank you because back then, when I was lying in pieces on the floor, I could see the gold under my skin. It was the gold that I had healed you with and in that moment I realized that my love was generous.

I see now that I am the only true love I will ever need and for that I thank you. You made it clear to me that flowers can bloom even in the dark.

I had believed so much that we were meant to be together forever, but you can't breathe the toxicity and expect to live forever. You couldn't look inside yourself to find the love you really need, so you found it in me and with that you took almost everything I had.

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You made me question myself, my limits, my morals, my worth and my love. Before I met you, these traits were part of my personality, but you did everything to take them away from me.

You were the sun I needed to grow, but you made up your mind to allow your lack of self-love to darken our love and after being in the dark for so long, I realized I was destroyed.

I was ruined by countless sleepless nights trying to figure out what I had done wrong. I was destroyed by many questions such as Does he really love me Why am i still here? Yet the truth is, you were too scared to be loved by someone who knew how to love with every fiber of their body. From someone who knew that this love is endless and that it will never go away because we are all made of it.

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I wish you could see me and my garden that I built in place of your distant love. I am no longer the broken, destroyed and weak woman you were used to seeing, but I am a garden full of beautiful flowers, all of which I grew myself. It is a dream that you no longer enjoy and in which you can no longer sunbathe.

After looking inside and seeing the power that I created through love for myself alone, I can now tell you that I wish you all the best, I appreciate you and I will still love you from afar.

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