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Feature - Growing up in Japan

Even a monkey
falls from the tree

(saru mo ki kara ochiru)
Japanese proverb

At the beginning of each year in Japan, life begins to get serious for all 20 year olds
- in January they celebrate the beginning of their coming of age!

This "Adult Day" (Seijin no hi) is a national holiday that was on January 15th until 1999, but since 2000 this holiday has also become mobile and has been celebrated on the 2nd Monday in January - which also gives the Japanese a long weekend.

At the age of 20 young people have the right to vote, but only now are they officially allowed to smoke and drink alcohol. In Japan, on the other hand, you can get a driver's license at the age of 18.

Solemn ceremonies are held for all 20-year-olds in the various cities and communities in which they are congratulated on their new rights and duties. Almost all of the young women wear a traditional kimono in bright, bright colors with long sleeves, the furisode, a characteristic for unmarried women. The expensive kimono is often borrowed from a specialist shop, as is common with wedding dresses, etc. It's an art in itself, a kimono and matching undergarments, a matching wide belt, the obi, and so on properly to combine, dress and tie. You can even attend extra courses for this.
Most young men, on the other hand, wear a dark suit rather than a traditional one hakama (a wide men's skirt) more.

So if you travel to Japan during this time, you can be sure to admire many young women in brightly colored kimonos!

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