What are the major suburbs in Indianapolis

15 best places to live in Indiana

Indiana is perhaps best known for its obsession with sports (and limestone), but what is out of the public eye is that the Midwestern state has one of the lowest cost of living in the United States. A dollar here expands far, longer than in 41 states.

Anyone looking to move to Hoosier State will also be happy to know that Indiana house prices are some of the cheapest in the country.

The state has a strong economy about the size of Norway, according to the American Enterprise Institute. It is the 16th largest state economy in the United States, and that, coupled with the sixth lowest unemployment rate in the nation, makes for very interesting read, or rather to live with.

The country's economy is mainly flanked by agriculture, manufacturing, and the automotive industry. Healthcare and education are also of paramount importance, not forgetting the two prestigious universities of Purdue and Notre Dame.

A report by the Indiana Business Review found that Inda's economy grew twice as fast as the rest of the nation in 2010, with similar results over the next three years.

With things going so well in this state, it might come as no surprise when Money Magazine named Fishers, Indiana the Best Place in America in 2017.

If you're planning on making a move to the state or putting down roots down here, we'll show you the 15 best places to live in Indiana.

1. Carmel

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Money Magazine named Carmel the best small town to live in the United States in 2015, but Niche.com put it back in the spotlight by ranking it as the # 1 in its best places to live in Indiana.

The city of more than 85,300 residents is located in Hamilton County, less than 16 miles from the state capital of Indianapolis.

The residents of Carmel are among the most educated of the cities in that state, with more than 67% of them holding a university degree. They also take their children to some of the best public schools in the nation.

The crime rate is kept to an absolute minimum and the area is generally made up of clean neighborhoods designed to add to the attraction.

$ 200,000 is enough to buy you a lovely three bedroom single family home, complete with a spacious yard and private driveway.

Median home value, however, stands at $ 304,400 - one of the most expensive in the state.

2. Fisherman

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As mentioned earlier, Fishers was voted Best Place in the Country by Money Magazine in 2017. The city of Hamilton County also received awards from other national publications, including Forbes and Business Week.

With a population of just over 83,000, Fishers sits less than 20 miles from Indianapolis. The affluent community has some of the best public schools in the state, with safe neighborhoods that you would love to have your children go to.

House prices in the town of Fishers testify to the low cost of living in Indiana, with median home value standing at $ 216,900.

There is a wide variety of dining options in the area, with more than 100 eateries, and you are sure to find some favorites among the myriad of options that range from elegant eateries to cozy family-friendly eateries.

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3. Munster

Source: Dmytro Sergiyenko / Wikimedia

Munster, Indiana

Munster is a town in Lake County located 15 miles west of the city of Gary. The shared apartment is located in the Chicago metropolitan area, approximately 30 miles from Chicago's CBD, the Chicago Loop.

The crime rate in Münster is far from inviting, but it is still well below the national average.

Homes in this area are valued an average of $ 207,500, and the schools receive one of the largest funding in the state. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the Munster schools are among the top performing schools in Indiana.

Munster residents are also well paid, with an average of $ 70,503 per household, which is significantly higher than many cities in Indiana.

Unfortunately, the unemployment rate in the region is one of the highest in the country (7.6 percent). If that could be cleared up, life around these parts could look more rosy than it already is.

4. Plainfield

Source: Eric Wood / Wikimedia


To be honest, the crime rate in Plainfield could be a small improvement. Otherwise, the residents here have a lot to laugh about.

Located about 30 km southwest of Indy, the medium-sized town of about 30,000 people is best known for two things: a low cost of living and an emphasis on community.

Median home value in Plainfield stands at $ 146,600, and if you're looking to get into a rental, the running rate is $ 935 per month.

Plainfield has many paths ideal for cycling and long walks. It's especially popular with families who appreciate the lower cost of living and family-friendly amenities, although there are still plenty of pros here.

5. Warsaw

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Crime and security don't seem to be a strength in many of the cities and suburbs of Indiana, and it's the same in Warsaw.

But there's a reason we listed it here.

If you are planning to start a business in Indiana this is one of the few places to be. The town of 14,385 residents in the Kosciusko district is one of the top 5 places to start a business in the state of Hoosier, according to Nerd Wallet.

Warsaw also has a strong healthcare industry. The fact is that it is home to three major orthopedic companies - Biomet, Zimmer and DePuy - which is why it boasts as the capital of orthopedic manufacturing.

Other important employers are Medtronic, Tecomet and Paragon Medical, based in Pierceton.

Residents take home an average of $ 46,195 per household, and while this may look like little, it very much reflects the state's median income.

Good thing is that the cost of living is low here, as it goes on the Indiana Board with homes for $ 115,300.

6. West Lafayette

Source: Aeypix / shutterstock

Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

West Lafayette is home to Purdue, one of the most prestigious public universities in the country. That basically makes it a university town.

The population is 44,000, and the presence of a university in the area means the people are a fairly diverse group.

West Lafayette is a beautiful place as anyone who has been to Purdue will admit. It has established a culture of friendliness and courtesy so that all new faces in the area should blend in with each other.

As you would expect, most of the people here are college educated. But it would be negligent to talk about education in this Tippecanoe County town and mention the public school district, one of the best in Indiana.

West Lafayette has a lovely downtown area with plenty of restaurants and shopping. If you're into the hard numbers, the median home value stands at $ 178,500 and residents spend an average of $ 837 on rent.

7. Fort Wayne

Source: Katherine Welles / shutterstock

Fort Wayne

With a population of more than 257,000, Fort Wayne is the second largest city in the state of Indiana and its metropolis holds well over 415,000 people.

If good schools and very low crime rates are what your ideal location is for, Fort Wayne is not for you.

The medium-sized city is best suited for those looking for a "nice", affordable place to live, with a short commute and a vibrant nightlife. That roughly fits the description of a young professional.

The cost of living in Fort Wayne is not what you would expect in a typical city. Homes average $ 100,700; Rents are also low, averaging $ 670 per month.

In fact, GoBankingRates.com listed Fort Wayne as one of the "15 Best Places to Live When Trying to Save Money".

Enough said.

What about median income, can you be curious?

It stands at $ 43,774.

8. Batesville

Source: Chris Flook / Wikimedia


Next on our list of the best places to live in Indiana is Batesville, a small town of 6,400 residents in Ripley County.

It guarantees inclusion as it has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, a fact that will be popular with job hunters. There are two major employers in the city, namely Hill-Rom (a healthcare company) and Batesville Casket Co.

Median household income is higher compared to many parts of Indiana, sitting at $ 54,464.

The area is also ideal for families, and the area's public schools are some of the best in the state.

9. Bargersville

Source: www.lasitersoldme.com


In Johnson County is the small town of Bargersville with a population of only 6,500.

Despite its small size, it has a pretty strong school district, and you can't help but conclude that this is one of the biggest family draws in the area. You will also be lured by the area's status as one of the safest suburbs in a state that is rife with general crime.

Life is very affordable in Bargersville too. Anyone looking to buy a home in the area can budget for around $ 150,000. This is just enough to secure you a two- to three-bed, two-bath property, depending on your location.

Households in this city enjoy some of the highest incomes, averaging $ 70,833.

10. Indianapolis

Source: Alexey Stiop / Shutterstock


The capital of Indiana is in Marion County. It is the 15th largest city in America by population, with the latest census putting the population at 855,164.

As in any major city, the big city lacks crime rates, but it's not that the happy residents who live here live in a constant state of fear.

It is actually very desirable for families to go to Indianapolis; Same case for anyone who loves the fast paced city lifestyle but not the crazy levels of a mammoth like New York.

Indianapolis property prices reflect the state's low cost of living; So low it becomes hard to find many cities of this size with homeland values ​​that average $ 118,300.

There are many amazing amenities in the city that include the Indianapolis Zoo, Children's Museum, numerous sporting events, as well as the many amenities you would associate with a big city.

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11. Columbus

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Over in Bartholomew County sits one of the best cities to live in Indiana.

Columbus is a large city with nearly 46,000 residents with fairly high incomes averaging $ 56,816. The high-paying jobs are due to the presence of several well-known employers, including the Toyota manufacturing division and Cummins Diesel.

Residents and the many visitors who come to the area enjoy a variety of outdoor activities including golf, biking, hiking, and canoeing.

Columbus also has many antique stores, specialty stores, and large retailers nearby, making it a favorite for shoppers' hearts.

In addition, it should not be forgotten that the Bistro 310 is one of the most popular eateries.

12. Westfield

Source: sevenMaps7 / shutterstock

Westfield, Indiana

Westfield is one of the best places to live in Indiana thanks to a combination of several factors.

For one, the Indianapolis suburb has some of the best schools in the state, both private and public. The residents also enjoy short commute times due to the proximity to the city.

The job sector is as healthy as you'll find in the state, and the jobs offered are some of the highest paying in Indiana, with households totaling $ 86,025.

For a place with a high cost of living, the fat paychecks are more than welcome. Westfield has some of the most expensive homes in the state, averaging $ 220,800 - which is considered high in Indiana.

13. Dyer

Source: JoeyBLS at en.wikipedia / Wikimedia


Dyer is a town in Lake County with a population of 16,257.

It got into the spotlight over 10 years ago when it was listed as one of the Top 100 Places in the US by both CNN and Money Magazine, and it's a festival that the city strives to keep going to this day.

Dyer residents enjoy some of the highest incomes in Indiana, earning nearly $ 80,000 a year. Real estate values ​​are also among the highest in the state ($ 190,600).

Crime cases are low in relation to the rate in the state.

When you include excellent schools in the whole equation, it's easy to see why families flock to this lovely town south of Munster.

14. Highlands

Source: wikipedia.org

Highlands, Indiana

Highland is another representation of Lake County on our list to show the county's high desirability.

It is located near the Lake Michigan Calumet Shoreline, in close proximity to Gary and Hammond. The city is home to more than 23,200 people who enjoy an exceptionally safe environment.

Its residents are very well educated and they attend some of the best public schools for their children.

Daily commute time averages just under 25 minutes, although this can take longer if you have to travel to Hammond, Gary, or the Chicago area that is accessible by car.

The list price for homes in Highland hovers around the $ 150,000 mark. This should be music to the ears of residents taking home an average of $ 61,806.

15. Zionsville

Source: Huw Williams (Huwmanbeing) / Wikimedia


Maybe we recorded it last, but you won't find a better place to live in Indiana than Zionsville. Actually, it's always one of the best places in the United States

This is a suburb of Indianapolis that is in Boone County and that is home to over 25,000 people. It has some of the best public schools in the country, and when it comes to crime, you won't find a safer place in Indiana than Zionsville.

This is the most expensive area in Indiana to live, with an average home worth $ 337,900. For tourists coming from New York and California, that's peanuts, but these Indiana peanuts guarantee you one of the poshest areas in the state.

Zionsville has the seventh highest income in Indiana, with residents taking home well over $ 100,000 a year.