What are a whippet's sleeping habits


Why does my dog ​​like to sleep under covers / blankets?
Pre-domesticated dogs were "cave animals". This means that dog mothers gave birth and weaned their puppies for up to 3 months in a sheltered and cozy place. Even if dogs did not live in caves all year round, they still sought refuge when they wanted to sleep, were sick, injured or in need of protection. This natural urge to find comfort in a sheltered environment is an innate, enduring instinct for dogs.

As a result, it is quite normal for your dog to find a cozy, comfortable and protected place to sleep in your home.

In addition, some breeds, such as terriers, were specially bred to hunt small animals in holes and tunnels. This instinct to dig makes terriers instinctively more comfortable in small and covered places (compared to other breeds).

How do I know if my dog ​​will like a cave bed?
Nobody knows your dog better than you. Just observe his sleeping habits - does he like to snuggle under blankets, in pillows, or lie behind furniture? Does he like to sleep under furniture? Does he love to curl up while sleeping? All of these behavior patterns show you that your dog is going to love his or her own den.

Terriers and hunting breeds feel particularly at home in small, covered places. The KONA CAVE® cave bed does justice to all of your dog's natural sleeping instincts.
If a cave bed doesn't seem ideal for your dog, just take a look at our Kona Cave open dog beds and KONA CAVE® travel beds as alternatives.

KONA CAVE® Fun Fact: Terrier means ‘dig’ in French.

Does my dog ​​know how to sleep in a cave bed?
Most dogs tend to jump straight into their KONA CAVE® cave bed as soon as it is unpacked. Isn't it funny how dogs always know when something is meant for them?

Training tips for the KONA CAVE® cave bed:
If your dog seems a little hesitant or unsure about how to use his new cave bed, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Hide Treats - Hide some treats behind the bed and under the pillow in the middle. This gives your dog a reason to step into the bed and explore the cover / covers.
  • Deliver a Soothing Smell - Sometimes an animal feels a little unsafe if it smells different from what it already knows. You can either temporarily put an old pillow or blanket on your dog's bed so he can soak up his scent and know the bed is for him. Or you can remove the new mattress pillow in the middle, place it on a chair or sofa, and sit on it for a while before you put it back in the dog bed. Smelling the smell of his dog owner on the pillow is very comforting for a dog.
  • Fold back the den cover - Sometimes your dog just has a hard time figuring out how much space he has in his bed. If you fold back the back of the bed cover from the mattress in the middle and open it again, your dog can get an overview of the whole cave bed. So he can see that there is actually enough space for him to lie down. Once he's comfortable in his bed, you can fold up the cave cover of the bed so that it lies flat towards the back and cuddles your dog.
  • Temporarily remove the cover - If your dog is still unsure about the cave cover and needs a little more time, simply zip off the cave cover from the dog bed. This will allow your dog to slowly get used to his new bed. Once he has accepted the bed as his, you can reattach the den cover to the dog bed.
    (Please note: the above tips are only for special individual situations. Normally our KONA CAVE® dogs jump straight into their KONA CAVE® cave beds. They simply cannot resist their own warm and comfortable cave.)

Will my dog ​​get enough air when he sleeps under the cover?
Absolutely, yes!
First, there is absolutely no need to worry about your dog not getting enough air while sleeping under blankets. Dogs follow their instincts and would therefore pop out from under the covers if they couldn't breathe. Second isKONA CAVE® the only cave dog bed with a unique air valve on the back so that your dog gets enough fresh air even deep under the blankets while sleeping. Our patent-pending cave dog bed design will do justice to every single comfort and sleeping instinct of your dog.

Dogs love it!