Can a vibration machine reduce belly fat

Shake Your Bacon - Lose Weight Through Vibration Training

They twitch, they jerk, they vibrate - and all of that for the dream body. Numerous celebrities, doctors and fitness enthusiasts swear by the vibration plates as a new remedy against unpleasant fat deposits. But what is it all about? Can you really lose weight by simply shaking it and how does it work?

“I can't do anything for my figure, I don't have time for it.” This lame excuse will be a thing of the past with the invention of the vibration plates. Whether between two appointments or in the evening after work - a ten-minute training session twice a week is the first step to effective bodyforming - and everyone is sure to have it. The operators of the vibration plates advertise that annoying kilos can be shaken off quickly and easily. This makes these devices the perfect invention for career people and workaholics. The secret lies in the muscle work. The vibrations triggered by the vibration plates force the body to contract muscles. However, the vibration plate alone cannot work miracles. Simply shaking it up has never helped anyone achieve a bikini figure. It is of absolute relevance to note that vibrating plates should only be understood as an aid. Only a combination of tremors, exercise (endurance training) and diet stimulates the loss of calories and accelerates fat loss. Without the interaction of the three components, the desired weight loss effect will not be achieved. When you reach the ideal weight for you, you should not rest on your laurels, but continue to exercise and eat healthily.

Here you will find our large vibration plate test

From now on, the fight for the desired weight is no longer a tremendous game - or exactly that. Studies carried out at the University of Antwerp have shown that a combination of diet and vibration training effectively leads to continuous weight loss. In particular, the belly fat is declared a fight during the training units on the vibration plates. Said study by Dirk Vissers has shown that overweight people in particular should complete vibration training in order to usher in a long-term weight-loss process, burn abdominal fat between the internal organs and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The immense contribution of vibration training in the weight loss process manifested itself in the fact that the test subjects with the vibration device had lost significantly more weight and belly fat than the participants who only focused on exercise and a healthy diet. The proof has been given - vibration training helps you burn calories and makes you flat stomach. It is not for nothing that the radius of action of vibration plates has long since expanded from medical and rehabilitation practices to fitness centers.