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Popular social media platforms and some statistics:

The 2020 business plans have been disrupted by the pandemic, but the New Year (2021) is just around the corner. Various new trends are emerging that will mature and reach their true potential by 2021. This article will certainly focus on the recent social media trends that will follow in the years to come. Social media has developed into a potential marketing platform that speaks digitally in recent years. With features like AI integration, GPS integration and the latest technologies, social media is one of the top rated marketing platforms. Facebook leads the way with a 2.7 billion user base, while Instagram and Pinterest follow suit. A business needs a large customer base, and these social media platforms are experiencing tremendous growth as many small businesses operate from Instagram and Facebook business.

In the 90s, when social media began to spread, it was just a means of communication. People used to phone their loved ones all over the world, and that is no longer the case. They use social media to make purchasing decisions. Around 70% of B2C customers are won through social media. Everything has changed and, according to one report, 81% of the US population use social media platforms, half of which are registered on two platforms. Regardless of which social networking sites you choose to invest in, you stand a high chance of reaching customers who otherwise you might not have reached!

Which social media are best for the company in 2021?

This can be a tough question as this question doesn't have a single answer. The best social media platform to use varies from company to company, depending on the products or services provided by user groups and the flexibility of the network. Like every company, every social media platform specializes in different roles, information and groups of people.

That's why we're going to talk about the top social networking platforms so we can help business owners like you decide which channel will be most profitable for you.

Facebook and Facebook Messenger

Every small business should be active on Facebook. Facebook offers a variety of ways for small businesses to promote their services, improve customer support, and raise awareness among more than 2.7 billion monthly users. It can seem difficult to use Facebook for business purposes as its rules and algorithms change frequently. However, with the right tactics, Facebook is one of the best ways to reach a specific audience through paid campaigns.


After Facebook, Instagram has become the new home of brands. Instagram is now used by more than 25 million businesses around the world. More than 200 million people see at least one company profile every day. Instagram has become the new brand home where interaction is high, fans are brand loyal and it is possible to achieve real business goals.


A pretty unique proposal is being offered to businesses by Pinterest. It's a place to communicate with friends and influencers, similar to other social networks. But it's also much more than a visual search engine and productivity tool for planning your dreams. Pinterest users are increasing every day. The number of pinners using Pinterest per month has increased by 28 percent since last year to 322 million active users per month.


Youtube can be a powerful small business marketing video site, and video is very engaging and useful for various types of organizations. By creating a YouTube channel for your business, your audience gets a single forum for you to share and interact with your content. The global reach of YouTube is huge: 80 different languages, local versions in 91 countries and almost two billion monthly users. The platform covers 95% of the internet population, and global diversity is expressed in the top performing countries.


LinkedIn is another well-known corporate social media platform. LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for you if your company follows a B2B model or appeals to customers with work titles! LinkedIn has 303 million monthly active users. Most of them are in or near the world of work.


Twitter has 330 million active users who show up at least once a month and 145 million daily active users. The average time spent on Twitter is roughly 3:39 minutes per session, given the design of the website. In the past few years, Twitter has gained dramatic popularity and growth. Twitter is a formidable social media channel, with over 330 million active monthly users, where individuals share and find bite-sized content. Most of Twitter traffic, like most social media websites, comes from smartphones.


TikTok, launched in 2017, is rising at an amazingly rapid rate. TikTok users spend an average of 46 minutes a day watching videos on the app. An average TikTok user opens the application 8 times a day. TikTok is an addicting social media candy that pushes individuals to keep watching short videos. In just a few years, TikTok was the 7th most downloaded app in the past decade.


WhatsApp Business is specially designed for companies. It was designed from the ground up to provide concierge-like service to consumers and is only used by business owners. Because of the way WhatsApp is created as a service, there are some prerequisites for WhatsApp Company to run.


Snapchat users use the service about 30 times a day and spend an average of 28 minutes. The multimedia messaging app regularly has over 238 active users and is one of the most popular social media sites among the younger generations. In the US alone, the app has over 46 million monthly active users.

Influencer partnerships have been part of a brand's marketing strategy for quite some time. User-Generated Content (UGC) is a huge benefit as we are only just starting to research social media campaigns. When influencers share a product's photos and videos, various distinctive and attractive ideas can emerge. When ordinary people talk about your product compared to celebrities and models, consumers will find it even more reliable and authentic to make a purchase decision. Reports indicate that over 64% of social media rely on UGC every time they make a purchase. When compared to those of the brand itself, viewing a UGC video is ten times higher.

There are a number of AI-powered tools that can be used to gain insights into your company's social media posts, profiles, and audiences. Measure the brand and trends through social media. Through AI-controlled social media intelligence, companies can quantify and increase brand value, identify customer patterns and understand target groups. Social media sites like Snapchat offer AR filters that users can use to turn their faces into animals or add elements like flower crowns or glasses to their pictures. But face filters aren't just for games and fun. Brand filters can be used by businesses to quickly promote their brands on social media.

Find out the right social media platform for your product and your target audience. Social selling is exactly what it sounds like: it's the social media selling method. This branch of sales is particularly useful for the relationship building aspect of the sales process, from finding prospects and communicating online, to sharing and interacting with posts from prospects and executives to create trust and knowledge. Once you've figured out where your audience spends time online, it's time to create the profiles that you will use to connect with prospects and prospects. The Facebook marketplace Business is a platform to discover, sell and buy goods. This marketplace enables companies to sell their goods together with regular Facebook users. All transactions are possible via Facebook Messenger, so that companies can communicate one-to-one with customers. With Facebook Marketplace, you can reach interested buyers and create a personal connection with your audience. You don't have to pay extra to list the products on the FB Marketplace and it offers a lot more benefits. Selling on social media marketplace is much easier than selling on a single vendor website. Read: Facebook extends ads from users and brands to the marketplace

There is another Facebook feature for selling your products: Facebook business. It's easy to create and any Facebook user with a company page can sell through it.

Instagram business, wascan be a great option to sell online and it will be a trend in 2021 as Instagram's user base grows. It has more than 1 billion active monthly users and 90% of them follow a business account. Instagram Business combines passion and is a platform for talented and creative storytellers. Here I am talking about brand storytellers. You can create sparkling bonds with users, connect with new customers, and strengthen your relationship with existing customers. Read: Why Should You Sell on the Etsy Marketplace? Etsy mCommerce presence

User-created content is further developed with remixes. Remixing takes existing formats, models, or ideas and recreates them to convey a user's personality or ideas. It's on the rise through apps like TikTok and Instagram Reels, according to Talkwalker. The pattern is just beginning, the research added. Going forward, there will be more co-production opportunities as brands provide consumers with models on which to base their content. This will lead to more organic relationships between companies and customers. With brands reaching out to new customers and producing additional content that will stand out from the crowd, the marketing industry should expect even more remixing opportunities in 2021.

Social advertising isn't the newest trend for 2021, but it will increase this year. Social media ads can help you reach a wider audience than those who follow you. To increase our brand awareness and engagement on the respective social media websites, you can use Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Pinterest Ads, and other social media ads. To increase leads and sales, several other companies also use social media advertising. Social media ads are a powerful medium for your marketing campaign that offers a higher ROI on your advertising spend. Over time, social media is undergoing an online transformation that affects both business and consumer behavior. People are now demanding a more personal advertising experience on social media. Therefore, in the modern world, brands that can easily customize the modifications and offer various advertising to social media users are definitely praised.

Have you ever found that the popups, ads, and advertisements on this topic seem to come out of nowhere when you talk or search for something on social media? This is not a coincidence; It is a marketing technique that is fully aware and prepared. This is an emerging technology that we will see and develop further in 2021. So that marketers can see which goods and activities are trending and most in demand, social listening may be used more heavily in the future.

Live streaming for advertisers is no longer a novelty. The way brands communicate with their audience is changed by live content. In an immediate and real way that other social media formats are not live video, the approach appeals to the audience. And with two-thirds of the extra spending on live streaming, advertisers are paying more attention. Live streaming keeps the audience informed. The internet is an extremely big place. Live streaming cuts expenses. To train new employees, some organizations use live streaming as part of their training programs. Reduced prices would mean higher sales.

Instagram stories are already popular but Instagram scrolling is the new feature added to Instagram in 2020. As part of your social media campaign, it is worth trying out Reels. Instagram currently has more than 1 billion active users. It's a wide audience, and if you already post on Instagram, this would be a good addition to this job. Another plus with using Instagram Reels for your ads is that if you have a public account, these short videos will hit not only your followers but the wider IG network as well. Once it shows up on the Explore tab, Reels will put you in front of users that you don't have access to in your daily feed.

Business communications are disrupted by the move to messaging channels, and chatbots are increasingly becoming a cornerstone of digital marketing. A modern, bespoke approach to doing business online is conversation marketing. By harnessing the power of questions individually, customers are guided through marketing and sales funnels in real time, like a conversation. So it is an automated dialogue with your website visitors. That way, you can find out exactly what customers want, consider their weaknesses, and provide them with the right service or real-time marketing.


Our fate today is bot-based trading. Bots help customers find solutions with the help of messaging apps, without forms, cluttered inboxes, or wasted minutes searching and scrolling content no matter where they are or what device they are using. Bots that combine contact, operation and transactions offer services in contrast to the self-sufficient displays of the past.

Wrap up: These are the social media trends that many companies will be following in 2021. I found it interesting to be able to go through each pattern and see the many opportunities they offer social media marketers worldwide. More things can follow in 2021 if you want to excel in your business. Subscribe to our newsletter or let us know if you find this article helpful!

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