What is the best Wordpad app for Android

8 word processors for Android devices

Dirk Bongardt

You can also edit documents on smartphones and tablets - with the appropriate apps. We present 8 applications, from the text editor to the office suite.

EnlargeAndrOpen Office

While smartphones and tablets have long been overtaking PCs when it comes to entertainment, the situation is still different for office applications. But why shouldn't you use the time on the train or in the waiting room, for example, to cancel useless insurance or to revise your résumé?

Hardware manufacturers have long been offering compact, full-fledged keyboards that, connected via USB or Bluetooth, turn at least tablets into usable typewriters for on the go - provided that the devices also have usable writing apps. And there are quite a few of them, from a small text editor to a complete office suite. We present eight such apps to you here.


EnlargeWPS Office: PPT, DOC, XLS, PDF

The Android app "WPS Office: PPT, DOC, XLS, PDF" is a comprehensive office package with which not only texts but also presentations and spreadsheets can be edited.

If you are looking for Office apps for Android, you cannot ignore WPS Office (formerly known as "Kingsoft Office"). The app can not only open Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets and PDF documents, but also create them and - with the exception of PDF files - edit them.

In the test, the app displayed the vast majority of documents correctly. If the user selects the "Wrap text" option while editing, the text is no longer displayed as it was created, but it can also be displayed on a smartphone display without moving it horizontally revise.

Text formatting like on a PC

The options for formatting text are hardly inferior to those of a PC word processor: the user can specify the font and size, tracking, character and character background color, underlining and strikethrough, select paragraph alignments, indents and spacing, assign styles to individual paragraphs, and line breaks , Pictures, tables and many other elements in his texts.

The handling is largely self-explanatory; we did not miss any documentation in the test.

Conclusion on the test of the Android app "WPS Office: PPT, DOC, XLS, PDF"

WPS Office is rightly one of the most popular office packages for the Android platform. Word processing in particular does not have to shy away from comparison with PC software.

Pro: Largely compatible with Microsoft Office

Cons: Formatting options sometimes require horizontal shifting

Overall grade: 1.37

Functionality (45%): 1.20

Operation and support (40%): 1.50

Design (15%): 1.50

German-speaking, free of charge


The developers deliberately designed the Android app “Writer” in a minimalist way. With it, texts can only be recorded and fundamentally formatted.

The good old .txt format is used to save the texts recorded with "Writer". There are no controls for formatting the entries. However, the user can use Markdowns to design his texts: One, two or three preceding diamonds (#) turn the following sentence into a first, second or third-order heading, text that is preceded and followed by an asterisk (*), is shown in italics, a preceding plus or minus sign turns the entry into a list entry.

Save automatically, share via detours

The app automatically saves every text in the // Writer / directory, but does not offer a direct option to share written texts. The user can only find the text files with the help of an Explorer app on their device and then forward them using its share function.

The design of the app is just as minimalistic as the presentation on the web. At most, the Markdown formatting needs to be explained. This is well documented in the description in the Play Store.

Conclusion on the test of the Android app "Writer"

Just type: Anyone who hates functional overload will love Writer's minimalism.

Pro: Saves texts in the universally usable .txt format

Cons: Passing on the texts is cumbersome

Overall grade: 2.33

Functionality (45%): 3.00

Operation and support (40%): 1.50

Design (15%): 2.50

English speaking, free of charge

FREE Office: TextMaker Mobile

EnlargeFREE Office: TextMaker Mobile

As a word processor, the Android app "FREE Office: TextMaker Mobile" can compete with most PC programs and also works with Microsoft Office texts.

The Android app "FREE Office: TextMaker Mobile" offers an exceptionally wide range of functions: It displays TrueType and OpenType fonts correctly, offers (reloadable) spelling corrections in 17 languages, enables changes to be tracked, allows comments, works with paragraph templates and is largely compatible with MicrosoftWord from version 6.0 to version 2013. In the test, we found practically no deviations from the display in MicrosoftWord with different texts.

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