Who is an insurer

insurer, the

Company that offers insurance (3) for a fee and bears the costs for the matters that are contractually insured with it

Synonym for insurance company, insurance (5)


with adjective attribute: a private, public-law insurer

as accusative object: change the insurer

in prepositional group / -object: the change to [another] insurer; Shares in, stakes in an insurer

with genitive attribute: an insurer of the insurers, the insurers (= reinsurers)

as active subject: an insurer offers sth., pays sth., pays sth., terminates [a contract]

as a genitive attribute: the shares, papers of an insurer


In the coming months, both insurers want to launch new [...] tariffs in which the personal driving style [of the insured person] is included in the calculation of the premium. [Die Zeit, 01.03.2016 (online)]

German insurers pay 38 million euros for fire damage during Advent. [Photo, December 21, 2004]

Men and women pose different risks for the insurers and would therefore have to be insured at different premiums [...]. [Süddeutsche Zeitung, 26.06.2003]

In their terms and conditions, the insurers had previously excluded their obligation to provide benefits for all cases in which the damage was caused intentionally or through gross negligence by persons of legal age who lived in the same household as the policyholder […]. [Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, April 22nd, 1993]

In the opinion of all insurers, anyone who drives their vehicle in a drunk state increases the normal risk situation on which actuarial mathematics calculates the expected damage. [Der Spiegel, 31.10.1951, No. 44]