How bad is NYC's bug problem

The possibility of encountering bed bugs is particularly high in hotels and hostels. Lots of people go in and out, and the little animals jumped briskly out of their suitcases and into bed. But how do you actually know whether bed bugs are lurking in the room, what do bed bug stings or bites look like and what can you do about them? My tips will help you.

What to do about bed bugs in a hotel bed?

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Small and mean - bed bugs in hotels

Hitting bed bugs on vacation can really ruin your trip - you have to be prepared for that! When fully grown, they are 5 to 9 millimeters tall, have six legs and one razor-sharp proboscis. Her preference: human blood (your warm-blooded pets, on the other hand, are rarely affected by them). They can do without food for weeks and are accordingly hungry when someone finally joins them. Once a bed bug is in the room, the vermin will multiply extremely quickly.

Bed bugs can also appear in your own four walls and find their way into your apartment through used furniture, for example. But mainly they are dragged along by trips. Wrapped up deep in your luggage in the shallows of your suitcase, some animals jump overboard at every stop and create their own new colony. Especially in hotels and hostels bed bug infestations are common for this reason. Vacationers travel from place to place and often unconsciously transport bed bugs from one country to the next. For example, heavily frequented trade fair hotels and hostels with many international guests are particularly at risk - even if great attention is paid to hygiene.

The spread of bed bugs has little to do with poor hygiene. In cheaper accommodation, the risk is usually greater because you are happy to pay for professional pest control saves. But even five hotel stars do not protect against bed bugs. Even the award-winning 5-star "Waldorf-Astoria" in Manhattan had to commission the exterminator a few years ago.

There are even a few pages on the Internet that show you which hotels have already had bed bugs. For example the website "bedbugregistery“, Which lists hotels in the US that have had a bed bug infestation. Of course there are also very nice photos. I warned you! In general, it can be said that bug problems usually increase in large cities. In France, the USA, but also in Germany, more and more hotel guests are complaining about the annoying bed companions.

This is how you discover the crawly animals

If you are afraid of running into bed bugs on vacation, you can at least take a little bit of precaution with the following tips. But be careful: If it's itchy and your skin is covered with red dots, it's usually too late. At least for the next week, because that's how long you'll have to deal with the itchy red wheals. This type of insect bite is often mistaken for bites from other parasites, such as mosquitoes or fleas. If you want to make sure you've had the bed bug pleasure, watch out following notes:

  • Wanzenstrasse: The stings that are caused by a bed bug form itchy wheals as thick as a fingernail or thumb, mostly on uncovered parts of the body such as arms, legs, neck or face. The stitches often run in a row-like arrangement, also known as bed bugs.
  • Blood stains: A bed bug sting usually hits a human blood vessel, and blood escapes and is absorbed by the bed bugs. A few drops always get onto the bed sheet or cover.
  • Fecal stains: Inspect your bed and the bed frame, but also the wallpaper for small black dots. In all likelihood, these are bed bug stains.
  • Sweet smell: Bed bugs give off a penetrating, sweet smell through their "stinking glands". In combination with weird black dots you can be pretty sure that bed bugs are hiding here.

Even if you don't find any of these factors, it is always advisable to do that Never pack or unpack luggage near the bed. If the vermin is still in the room, be sure that it will find its way into your suitcase, provided it is near the bed.

Health risk from a bed bug bite

Bed bugs only feed on blood - they don't compromise on that. The nightly act of sucking blood takes about 3 to 10 minutes until they crawl back into the grooves, saturated. Bed bug bites often go unnoticed at first, because the animals secrete an anesthetic secretion with the sting or the bite. If the anesthesia subsides, however, you can enjoy up to 10 days of permanent and sometimes intense itching and sleepless nights. Depending on how your body reacts to the bites, more complex rashes or allergic reactions such as asthma attacks or hives can also occur.

You can suffer from a bed bug bite for 10 days or more

The bedbug bites themselves are probably relatively harmless, but the question of whether they transmit disease is a controversial one. According to Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe, however, it can be assumed that the annoying bedbugs are not carriers of disease. So it says on the official website: "But what is it about such fears? Nothing really, say Jerome Goddard and Richard deShazo. The two have reviewed the scientific literature on bed bugs and disease transmission. […] In the 53 articles examined, the two researchers did not find a single indication that even a single infection was transmitted by bed bugs. [...] These viruses cannot multiply in bed bugs.

It is best to keep your eyes open anyway and inspect the walls and bed for small black dots immediately after checking in to your accommodation. If you actually find signs of bed bugs, contact the hotel staff or your landlord immediately to get this problem out of the world quickly.

Treat bed bug bites

If, despite all precautions, you suddenly discover a "bug road" on your skin and the itching (which in the vast majority of cases also remains) almost drives you mad, do not despair and best of all: do not scratch! Because scratching not only makes the bites bloody, they can also become infected. To relieve itching and prevent scratching, anti-inflammatory and anti-itch creams, preferably with antihistamines, will be helpful. They are also recommended in particularly bad and stubborn placesAntibioticsto treat the skin locally.

Fight bed bugs effectively

Should you actually find bed bugs in the hotel, report it directly to the hotel staff and change the room. If the circumstances are so bad that you cannot change hotels or rooms, it is best to have your bed bug spray in your pocket right away - a remedy that is actually effective against bed bugs. You spray the hiding places of the insects, the areas around the hiding places and the transitions between them. In short: the whole bed. Most sprays are for that Elimination of all vermin thought, for example of fleas, silverfish, ants, ticks, etc. I can recommend this to you Bayer special spray. The smell is very tolerable and it works pretty quickly and reliably. You can do it both on Mattresses as well as spraying on cushions, but please note: After the application, the room should be closed for about 20 minutes so that the murderous effect of the spray can fully unfold. Then you should ventilate the room as long as possible.

In order not to provide a breeding ground for bed bugs in the first place, it also makes sense to use one Cases made of metal or hard plastic to travel, because these materials give bed bugs worse opportunities to get stuck in and go home with you.

Bed bugs on the plane

You can also come into contact with bed bugs on an airplane. Because even in the one parked in the room carry-on baggage the little bugs can sneak in and get into the plane unnoticed. In order to prevent this case as well, it is worthwhile to buy hand luggage in addition to the hard case made of metal or solid plastic. The problem is, of course, that not only you can bring the bed bugs into the plane - maybe someone has done it before you. And if you're unlucky, you might even be the lucky ones to take the seat of the person with bed bugs in their hand luggage. But don't worry: before you sit down, look in all the cracks, flaps and pockets of your seat for the small insects and, if you discover any, report them to the aircraft staff immediately. However, if you arrive at the airport and notice that you have bed bugs in your luggage or even on your body, it is best not to get into a car first, because the bugs could lodge there and possibly become a horror for other passengers as well .

A few cases of bed bugs on airplanes have already been documented, many of them remarkably in the first class of some airlines, and at least Frankfurt Airport has now done something about it: here, airplane cabins and hotel rooms are being run by specially trained personnel Sniffer dogs checked for crawling danger.

Arm yourself!

Those who travel a lot increase the likelihood of getting to know these crawling animals. In order to save you from it, I wrote this post for you, because your holiday guru doesn't only know the beautiful side of traveling. And I wouldn't be your guru if I didn't have the right solutions ready for unpleasant topics. So: look for yours Hotel beds it is best to focus on black dots right from the start. In addition, your luggage should never be without the cream against insect bites and a good insect spray. The bites aren't that dangerous, but let me tell you, these damn bed bugs itch so much, you won't feel like it a second time! So follow my tips and you'll be fine!

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