How many miles can a car last

Instructions for mileage inclusion

To make your booking on Getaround easier, our prices include a certain number of kilometerswhich depend on the rental period.

Rentals that are 8 hours or less include 40 km (24 miles in the UK) for the first hour, with an additional 20 km (12 miles in the UK) for each hour thereafter.

Rentals longer than 8 hours include 200 km (120 miles in the UK) per day, with a maximum of 1200 km (or 720 miles).


  • For a 3-hour rental, 80km are included
  • For a 2-day rental, 400km are included
  • For a 30-day rental, 1200km are included

If you drive more kilometers than the kilometers included, you will be charged a fee based on the price per kilometer and the distance traveled. The price per extra kilometer is set by Getaround and depends on the car category:

  • € 0.19 for cars in the Eco category
  • € 0.23 for cars in the comfort category
  • € 0.31 for premium cars

Example: you rent a car on Getaround for one day, so you have 200km included, but you drive 230km. At the end of the rental, you adjust the distance with the car owner and you will be charged the price for the 30km additionally, depending on the price per kilometer that Getaround has set. If you have driven less than the kilometers, you will not be refunded any kilometers. Included kilometers are not refundable.