How do I learn CNC programming

CNC course

Welcome to the pages of Analogous to our other pages, a free online CNC training course is created on these pages. These pages are suitable for learning CNC technology on your own. The idea for a page about CNC programming arose, like our existing pages, as part of a CNC training course that we carried out at an educational institute.

As in most training courses, the participants looked for useful learning material to learn about CNC programming and to be able to deepen their knowledge. Unfortunately, the result was rather unsatisfactory, which is why the participants decided to create their own website about CNC.

This CNC course is suitable for beginners and is structured step by step. Most CNC machines nowadays have a CAD / CAM connection and the CNC programs are automatically written based on drawing data, etc. So it is actually unnecessary to write the programs by hand. Even if little or no programming is necessary on most CNC machines these days, the programming of a CNC machine should be mastered. This is necessary, for example, when small corrections to the programs are necessary.

Conventional programming is also called textual programming. The path conditions, also called G functions, and additional functions called M functions are entered manually into the CNC program by a CNC programmer. Under DIN 66025, also called programming in G-code or programming according to DIN / ISO, a uniform standard has been introduced for all CNC machines.

In the meantime, programming has become almost superfluous on most machines. The reason is the ever better and more sophisticated CAD / CAM technology that is connected to a CNC machine or even forms a unit with the CNC machine. The textual programming is replaced by the graphic programming. This means that the designer draws the workpieces and the associated CNC program is created automatically. This type of programming is also called workshop-oriented programming.