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Handbook for Women and Gender Studies

"[...] a comprehensive and solid overview and reference work [...] that is highly recommended for teaching as well as for scientists who want to take up interdisciplinary approaches." Sehepunkte, 07-08 / 2006

"[...] the book [should] develop into a standard work for all those interested in gender research. It should [...] not be missing on the shelves of students and lecturers in social science disciplines." www.literaturkritik.de, March 2005

"In the chic new layout of the VS-Verlag [...] and at an acceptable price, the handbook for women and gender studies definitely belongs on the Christmas wish list of at least all feminists interested in social science this year." Ruberta !, 12/2005

"In relation to the social and sociological research on women and gender, the handbook [...] is in many ways a real 'treasure trove' and has a good chance of becoming a standard work for representatives of these disciplines, and equally for teachers, researchers and students , to become." IFF Info - Journal of the Interdisciplinary Center for Women and Gender Studies, 30/2005

"The overview provided with the manual is an invaluable help for both beginners and advanced users." Journal HOMO of Comparative Human Biology, 03/2005

"[The book] is not only recommended for beginners in women's and gender research, but also makes you want to rummage through new and old topics, concepts and findings from time to time and to be inspired by the well-founded and exciting statements. " Feminist Studies, 02/2005

"[...] a successful reference work for research and teaching [...]." Journal of Comparative Human Biology, 2005

"The handbook [...] with its contributions to 90 key words offers a well-founded overview of the development and the current status of the German language