Consciousness can be divided

The inexplicable phenomenon of consciousness

World riddles from the point of view of modern science pp 273-365 | Cite as

  • Hermann Helbig
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The existence of thinking or conscious matter represents one of the greatest riddles of mankind. Even the term “intelligence”, which is somewhat easier to grasp compared to consciousness, causes great difficulties (both have consequences even in modern computer technology). After all, essential aspects of our rational reasoning can be characterized quite well and can even be formally described in various logic systems or simulated in artificial intelligence programs. However, it is not yet clear whether and how the emergent phenomenon of consciousness and the so-called qualia (color sensation, feeling of happiness, etc.) can be traced back to the activity of our neurons or body cells, which is closely related to the so-called body-soul problem. - Conscious thinking can hardly be separated from the use of natural language by humans, which is strongly determined by their social behavior. Understanding language is therefore also linked to theories of action and the intentions of the speaker and listener. - A very difficult problem is the influence of the subconscious on human behavior, as it has been particularly studied by depth psychology. In this area there are references to the 'extra-sensory perceptions', which are usually treated very dubiously by occult currents, which have still not been sufficiently scientifically investigated.

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