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Maggy, also Maggy the frog (in the original: Maggy the Frog), is a supporting character who appeared in a flashback in the first episode "The wars that are coming" from the fifth season of game of Thrones occurs. She is a fortune teller and a forest witch who lives in the woods not far from Casterlystein.

In the series

Season 5

Maggy is visited by fifteen-year-old Cersei Lannister and her friend Melara Heidewies in their hut in the forest, who want to find out about their future from the witch. Maggy is sleeping in her bed. When Maggy opens her eyes, she tells the two girls to leave their tent. Despite their obnoxious looks and smell, the girls insist on their future being predicted even though the woman told them to go away. Then Cersei threatens her with her father, Lord Tywin Lannister. Maggy calls her closer and tells her to taste her blood. Melara gets scared, but Cersei cuts herself and her in the thumb with a crooked old knife. Greedily takes Maggy Cerei's thumb and presses it to her gums. She then grants Cersei three questions, but warns that she would not like her answers. First, Cersei asks the old woman when she will marry the "prince" and receives the answer that she will never marry him, but that she will marry a "king". Then the young Cersei asks if she would become queen, and the old woman explained to her that she would be queen, but that one day a younger and more beautiful queen would come and take away everything that is dear to her, and also prostrate them. Finally, Cersei asks if she and the king would have children, and Maggy explains that the king will have twenty and Cersei will have three children. All three children would wear gold crowns, but then gold shrouds too.[1]


In the books

Maggy, also known as Maggy the frog (in the original: Maggy the Frog), is a fortune teller from Essos who lives in Lennishort. Her real name was forgotten, while "Maggy" became a modified form of "Maegi".

Character & appearance

She got her nickname "the frog" because she is described quite unattractively - full of warts, with no teeth, yellow eyes and green pendulous jaws.


She is the wife of a spice merchant who brought her to Westeros from Essos. Your son is the founder of the house of Spezer. She is the grandmother of Sybell Spezer, the mother of Jeyne Westerling, who later married Robb Stark.

Maggy was visited by the young Cersei Lannister, who had heard rumors about her magical powers. Cersei and her friends Jeyne Weitmann and Melara Heidewies went to see her during a tournament in honor of King Aerys II's visit to the Westlands, during which Cersei fell in love with Prince Rhaegar Targaryen.

Jeyne fled the sight of Maggy's yellow eyes. Maggy initially refuses to reveal the future to the remaining girls, but reluctantly agrees after being threatened by Cersei. She granted Cersei three questions and made the prophecy that after her children died, Cersei would be killed by the Valonqar (High Valyrian for "little brother"), which could apply to Tyrion and Jaime, since their twin brother only shortly after her Saw the light of day. Cersei, the witch's words haunted her entire life.

Melara, on the other hand, prophesies the witch that she will die that same day and indicates that it will be at Cersei's hand. Dissatisfied, Cersei threw a vessel in Maggy's face and fled with Melara, while the one left behind cursed both of them.


Cersei as queen

A younger and more beautiful queen will oust Cersei.

Cersei: When will I marry the prince?
Maggy: Never. You will marry the king.
Cersei: But will I become queen?
Maggy: Yes. You will become queen until someone else comes, a younger and more beautiful one, who throws you down and takes everything that is dear to you.

Cersei as a mother

Cersei will outlive her children and die at the hands of the "Valonqar".

Cersei: Will the king and I have children?
Maggy: O yes. Sixteen he, three you. Their crowns will be gold, and their shrouds gold. And when your tears have drowned you, the Valonqar will close your hands around your bright white neck and squeeze until you have exhausted your life.

Melara's death

Melara will die that same night. The prophecy is being fulfilled.

Melara: Will I marry Jaime?
Maggy: Not Jaime and no other man either. The worms will get your virginity. Your death is at the door tonight, little one. Can you smell his breath He is near.

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