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Oracle Database Developer Certified Professional (OCP)

IT professionals like Oracle Database Developer are wanted like never before

Everywhere in Germany the so-called Skilled labor shortage laments. Especially in the IT area, the demand has increased in recent years, because more and more data must be processed and more and more processes are being digitized. This leads to the need to train existing staff in order to remain fit for the future.

Take advantage of this development and take a further training course to become an Oracle Database Developer. With the special and complex skills of an Oracle Database Developer you can help companies of all industries and sizes to organize and analyze their data. With these skills you still belong to a very small group of experts. The demand of staff with these Qualifications is enormous - and will probably remain so for a while.

As an Oracle Database Developer Certified Professional, you will concentrate on the software of one of the largest providers of Business solutions in this area. Oracle is a Silicon Valley giant with annual sales of more than $ 37 billion and nearly half a million customers around the world. So you will have no problem finding an employer who uses Oracle and wants to hire a new Oracle Database Developer.

Career opportunities for certified Oracle Database Developers

Depending on your current professional qualifications and experience, the Oracle Database Developer training course can be the decisive one Stepping stone for your future career. If you are already well versed in using PC applications, the Oracle training will certainly be easier for you than beginners. Then the faster you will become that Specialists, that your future employer needs.

An Oracle Database Developer Certified Professional (OCP) is very versatile for companies. He can work directly on the internal databases and develop them further. However, it can also act as an interface and, for example, prepare the existing data for analysis by other departments using a graphical interface. The possibilities are diverse and complex and at the same time enable varied activities and quick promotion opportunities.

The course content of the training course Oracle Database Developer

The training Oracle Database Developer at COMCAVE.COLLEGE is divided into three modules. After completing the first two modules, if you pass the exam, you will receive the certificate for the Oracle Database Developer Certified Associate (OCA). After completing the third module, you will receive the higher-quality Oracle Database Developer Certified Professional (OCP) certificate.

The three modules for the Oracle Database Developer build on one another and convey the most important knowledge of SQL databases, Oracle programming and development. There is an examination after each module. The highest OCP certificate can only be obtained if all three exams have been passed. You can complete these modules with us:

  • SQL Basics: Retrieving and Sorting Data, Using SQL Functions, Joins, DML, DDL
  • Programming with PL / SQL: variables, structures, procedures and triggers
  • Oracle Forms Developer: Create, reuse and combine form modules

Duration, procedure and Oracle certification

The Oracle Database Developer training course lasts around 20 weeks. Examinations take place after each of the three modules. After successfully passing the last exam, you will receive the coveted one Oracle Certified Professional Certificate, with which you can shine in future applications.

The course itself is led by a lecturer. One of our experienced and friendly teachers will either im Face-to-face teaching or by Telelearning instruct. Alternatively, you can also combine both teaching methods. Face-to-face lessons take place in the mornings and the telelearning sessions in the afternoons. There are high-quality PCs, a broadband Internet connection and peripheral devices for successful learning at the location.

Which funding options can I take advantage of?

It is worth asking various funding agencies, because up to 100% of the cost can be covered with the appropriate conditions. Find out more from local employment agencies or the job center, from your pension insurance company or from the professional development services.

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