Can the subconscious be reprogrammed instantly

Programming the subconscious: these are the best methods

Basically, the subconscious is a strong partner, because it will always go the way you (unconsciously) give it. If, for example, your subconscious has made the experience that you are embarrassed when doing sports, that others are always better or you were laughed at as a child, then it is perfectly logical that you have an aversion to sports and exercise.

  • Change the focus. Let's stick with the example with the movement. Do you have people around you who are absolute couch potatoes and knock on slogans like: "Sport is murder"? or "You're way too old for that!". That throws your subconscious back again and again, because the subliminal message is against movement.
  • Get out of the way of people who you want to dissuade from your goal of becoming more athletic, or respond calmly and confidently to demotivating remarks with: "Exercise has never harmed anyone." or "I want to enjoy sports."
  • Take a close look at your surroundings and focus your attention on those who support your project. Look for positive references in a targeted manner, i.e. people who have already achieved your desired goal. In addition, you can join groups who have the same aspirations as you.
  • Also observe your own thoughts: If your focus is on the goal, but you don't really believe in it yourself, moments will creep in again and again in which you say to yourself: It won't work anyway. I'm too tired now. Today I'll let it slide. Your subconscious is always interested in confirming what you believe yourself.